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Four Seasons Research Essay
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Judith Chomitz
April 3, 2018
The Four Seasons Holdings Inc, is a Canadian company that owns luxury hotels and resorts worldwide. Four Seasons was founded in 1960 by Canadian businessman Isodore Sharp. CITATION Com l 4105 ( Company Overview of Four Seasons Holdings Inc, n.d.) Isodore Sharp, did not plan to found a grand scale hotel chain. After his graduation, while Isodore was working for his father, he designed a motel for a family friend. This success inspired him to create his own hotel. Over the course of the decade, he created three first three Four Seasons hotels. The first Four Seasons hotel opened in 1961 in downtown Toronto. This was a 125 room motor hotel, with more personalized service than many other hotels. Isodore stated “We opened our first hotel with a simple principle: treating every customer as a special guest.” CITATION Fou l 4105 (Four Seasons History 1960-1969, n.d.) The second Four Seasons was opened in 1963, overlooking a park in Toronto. This hotel was named Toronto’s Inn on the Park. Inside this hotel, was one of the city’s top restaurants, and this hotel was a great success. CITATION Fou l 4105 (Four Seasons History 1960-1969, n.d.) Today, the Four Seasons hotels and is one of the leading luxury hotel chains with over 100 hotels and resorts worldwide. CITATION Fou1 l 4105 (Four Seasons History 2010-Present, n.d.) One of the reasons that the Four Seasons is such a successful company, is due to the way that they adapt and shape to the ever changing trends throughout the hotel and resort industry. (Written by: Arel and Ana)
Throughout the last decade, people have been paying more attention to their health and wellness than ever before, with many yoga spaces, spas, pools and gyms being incorporated into hotels and resorts throughout the world. CITATION Tre17 l 4105 (Trends Impacting the Hospitality Industry, 2017) As a modern luxury hotel and resort chain, the Four Seasons offers many spa and beauty options on their properties. The Four Seasons Spa in Whistler, is currently recognized as one of the top spas in Canada, where they offer 12 treatment rooms, 2 couple rooms 2 zen relaxation lounges and a eucalyptus steam room. In their spa, they offer massages, body treatments, facial treatments, hand and foot treatments, fitness classes and their signature rituals treatments where you can restore your balance and wellbeing. The Four Seasons have also created their own signature spa treatments specific to their company, that vary throughout the different Four Seasons properties. CITATION Fou2 l 4105 (Four Seasons Whistler, n.d.) (Written by: Arel and Ana)
Another ever growing trend in the hotel and resort industry, is sustainability CITATION Tre17 l 4105 (Trends Impacting the Hospitality Industry, 2017). More and more people are trying to develop eco-friendly lifestyles. Many hotels are now trying to focus on renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and updated AC systems that turn off when the room is not occupied, as well as developing ways to save more water CITATION Tre17 l 4105 (Trends Impacting the Hospitality Industry, 2017) The Four Seasons resort is no different. The Four Seasons tried to involve their staff and guests to participate in protecting and preserving the planet. On the 50th birthday of the company, the Four Seasons launched the 10 Million Trees, this program is their long-term commitment to plant 10 million trees around the world. Trees play an important part in the world, from fresh air, to homes for most of the world’s animal species. Planting these new trees will help to offset emissions as trees hold large amounts of carbon dioxide. CITATION Pla l 4105 (Planting 10 Million Trees Around the World, n.d.) The Four Seasons also recently introduced the Greening Meetings Program. This offers a variety of eco-friendly options for meetings. All meeting correspondence is sent electronically, there are dry erase boards instead of flip charts and recycling bins in each room. The menus are planned around local and seasonal ingredients, leftover food is composted or donated, and china and silverware is used instead of disposable plates and utensils. On all Four Seasons properties, the guest rooms are becoming more and more sustainable as well. CITATION Mee l 4105 (Meetings and Events, n.d.) (Written by: Arel and Ana)
The Four Seasons, is also “pushing the technological envelope” as they put it on their website. This is an important trend as many people are focused in on seamless technology across all platforms. CITATION Tre17 l 4105 (Trends Impacting the Hospitality Industry, 2017) Many hotels are now offering technology to make their guests lives easier, and the Four Seasons is no exception. In the Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita, you can stroll the grounds of a 64 acre garden, where you can use your phone to scan codes along the walkways to identify the different plants. These codes also offer “Fast Facts” and growing advice. CITATION Tec l 4105 (Tech Amenities you Have to See to Believe, n.d.)The Four seasons in Silicon Valley has added in- room wine dispensers that chill, preserve and perfectly serve full bottles of wine. The machines are designated to hold two bottles at a time-usually a white and a red. They’re automatically identified by the machine which shares the backstory of the wine’s varietal and vintage, as well as automatically alerting the management of the hotel if one of the wines needs to be replenished. CITATION Tec l 4105 (Tech Amenities you Have to See to Believe, n.d.) Along with other technology being integrated into these resorts, they are becoming some of the most high tech hotels and resorts in the industry. CITATION Tec l 4105 (Tech Amenities you Have to See to Believe, n.d.) All of these different trends that the Four Seasons is adapting too, makes this company one of the most quality oriented hotel and resort companies in the world. (Written by: Arel and Ana)
Since the Four Seasons opened in 1961, they have chosen to specialize their hotel to only offer experiences of exceptional quality. The Four Seasons tries to create properties using new and updated technology and design. This allows the Four Seasons to maintain their position as one of the world’s biggest luxury hospitality industry. Although they are very technologically oriented, they also believe that the most meaningful part of their company, is the way that they treat each other and the guests. They have chosen to treat others the way they wish to be treated, which is a huge success for this industry. (Written by: Arel and Ana)
The Four Seasons is such a modern hotel chain, it is keeping up with all of the ever growing trends and changes in the hospitality industry. This hotel is reflecting all of the current trends with ease, which is a large part of why this hotel and resort chain is so successful.
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