Incidents I was afraid that I had

Incidents is the part of
our life. Some incident occur because that are occurs by nature like
earthquake, flood and many others. In that incident human cannot do anything
just pray for the betterment for the country. Some incident occurs by our own
fault. If you take the example of my incident that is occurs by my fault and
that gave me a very good and life changing lesson.

The incident is occur
when I was only 13 year old like a young passionate boy who dream is to enjoy
the world in just few days. This event is happen when our culture event is near
that is Eid-ul-adha. In that event every boy had a plan to take care of his
animals as per our religious taught. As the event is coming near the excitement
of the day is increasing as well.

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The incident took place
when my friend told me that they are planning to see beautiful cow that is present
in just few minus next to our street. They told me that they are going to if I am
interesting they will welcome me. I got excited and at the as moment I was afraid
that I had to take the permission from my mother I will sure that she will
never give me permission. So I decided to went to with my friends and have some
fun. My friend was elder in age with me and had an experience to how to cross
the road.

We arrived at the spot
safety and saw so many beautiful animals and capture some pictures with them I enjoyed
very much with them. After having so much fun we all were tried and decided to go
home. As I have not the experience of how to cross the road so I was little nervous.
As we about to cross the road I was hit by car once for a while I was in shock
as my friend but with the payer of my mother and blessing from ALLAH there was
nothing serious happen to me and I want able to travel myself. We all reach
home safety and my friend gave me water to calm me as I was little nervous.

This event happen to because
I knew that I was not very familiar with the traffic of the road and I did not
take permission from my family. So this event gave me lesson that if you are
weak in something do not do it. If you do it you will get trouble.


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