Incalculable crisis. Well, Dr.Lee Baucom is a happily

Incalculablemarriages have broken, but do they really break, I don’t think so, they arejust relationships in bad situations. Nevertheless, how about we explore howyou can save your family from the tartars and unending back and forth drama intodivorce and what people call “moving on”? Personally, I don’t believe in theidea of moving on, where do you move to? The fact is, you can’t move away fromyour shadow, even in death, your shadow lies with you. Everyrelationship has its challenges.

Major among all, the factor of “we”! Is yoursa family united by commonness or entities of “me” and “you’? To understand thisfactor better, taking an adventurers tour through Lee Baucom book “savethe marriage” is paramount. Dr.Lee Baucom takes you through procedural phases that you need to save yourmarriage. Onewould ask; How qualified is Lee Baucom to offer effective comprehensions anddraw a road map to getting away from marriage crisis.

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Well, Dr.Lee Baucomis a happily married therapist and life coach whose life formulas have recordeda desirable success attracting many testimonies. Hisbook gifts four basic modules which are key to saving you marriage. The firstsave the marriage module brings out the essence of what you should do or notdo. They are the dos and don’ts of marriage crisis resolution. The principlesguides you to avoid fueling the situation further, bringing out a reverse gearto resolving rather than escalating. It delves in to the factor of “we”as theview point factor in saving a marriage, and defying opposite factor of “me”Ina second module, the author maps out a formulae for recovering from your ailingmarriage, it’s a description to heal your marriage.

The module brings out basicbuilding bricks for a marriage like how to bring back love and intimacy, whichare basically the glue that pieces together happiness in marriage. Towardsthe end of the save the marriage system, we find the third module,interestingly, this model is results oriented. In a seventeen compressivelywritten techniques, you get to understand marriage trouble zones and how toavoid them. Additionally, there are therapy exercises and applicable lessons explainedin details activities.

The book presents everything in an interesting and easyto read/ listen art. While interacting with this book, you feel like you aredirectly conversing with your therapist as you reflect on life situations.  Inthe final module, Dr.

 Lee Baucom comes live in your read/listen as he teachersyou documented techniques that he uses in his counselling sessions. The futureis also taken care of as some marriage issues may spill to the future. Thesecret of saving your marriage is a treasurable artwork that no money value canbuy. One would ask, why so? This book has recorded almost 90% success in savingmarriages. If your marriage has shown signs of crumbling, it’s time to own acopy! You can’t afford to wait.



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