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In To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, the father figure Atticus says, “Shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit ’em, but remember it’s a sin to kill a Mockingbird.” In the book, most readers are oblivious to how the mockingbird was Boo (Arthur), Radley. Boo Radley made a great Mockingbird because he tried to reach out to the kids out of the goodness of his heart, and came out of his house for the first time in years even though he didn’t want to come out, just to save Scout and Jem.
In many ways, Boo reached out to the kids in To Kill A Mockingbird. Most of which when he mystically gave gifts to the kids in pairs of 2, which led readers to the assumption that these gifts weren’t just a hiding spot. In theory, Boo had the mental education of a teenager because he was a teenager when his dad had locked him away in their house. It would be Boo’s first instinct to want to make friends with the children rather than any of the adults that lived nearby. His instincts were to make friends with Jem and Scout, not to bring harm or bother them in ways that the people of Maycomb had to Boo. Chewing gum, twine, girl and boy dolls carved of soap, a medal, and a watch were all harmless items that prove Boo’s intentions were only to make friends.
Boo was mocked, made fun of, in theory, harassed by his father, stalked, and discriminated by the people of Maycomb for over 25 years while being locked away by his father. Boo was an innocent and victimized character in TKAM. He fell in with the wrong crowd as a kid and made it up to his father while being locked away for so long, but he was continually sought out to be a bad person even long after he was kept away. Boo was never seen as the person he really was, only because the people of Maycomb couldn’t understand Boo’s situation or leave him alone. Citizens felt as if they had a right to know about the Radley’s personal lives that pertained to Boo. But the way the people talked about him couldn’t have gone unsought. Boo had to of heard of these rumors about him from the way kids would pass by his house and he could almost guess that the kids would think that way because he was in his house for over 25 years with no human interaction. But Boo did not lash out at these false accusations about him, and he did not think anything of it. For he let it be, which is more than anyone in today’s society could ever overcome.
The first time that Boo showed a sign of innocence was while Miss Maudie’s house burnt up into flames. It had all happened so fast, that Scout didn’t notice that Boo Radley had covered her up with a blanket. Scout was a stranger to Boo, and he helped her because he felt he had to. He felt protective of her. For her whole life, Scout had been afraid of Boo because of what people would say about him. But there Boo was putting a blanket on Scout to keep her warm. Another event is when Jem had gone into the Radley house and snagged his pants on the gate on his way out. He thought he had no choice but to take off the pants and leave them. He did so and returned later to try and find them. When he did he found them sewn at the place he ripped them at and folded on the fence. This was no coincidence; Boo was the only eligible suspect to Jem and Scout. Boo must have known Jem would have been in enormous trouble with his father if Atticus knew what he had done. Possibly, Boo was trying to keep Jem out of trouble. He could have let the pants go and Jem would have gotten in trouble, and Boo would have never been brought into the equation. But mockingbirds help those who need to be helped, even when it doesn’t benefit them.
Boo’s intentions were to make friends and from the ending of TKAM readers can conclude that he would never have brought harm to the children because the story ended with him saving their lives. Harper Lee portrays it as Boo must have been either in his house or close to his house while outside and he heard the screams from Scout and Jem. Boo must have acted fast because of the reaction time that Boo had. After being locked away for 25 years, one of his first instincts were to help the children instead of running in the opposite direction. The kind of selfless character that Boo was shown that he did not save them because he wanted the publicity of being a hero. He saved them because he knew it was the right thing to do. After surviving without human interaction for over 20 years, normal people would have started to second guess their morals and what kind of people they were. The reaction from Boo only portrays that he was a steady character even after his parent’s death, the rumors being spread about him, and being kept away for so many years.

Boo did not run away when Scout and Jem needed help, he did not try to harm Jem and Scout in any way, he did not harm others in any way regardless of what people in Maycomb would say and think about him. All of his intentions were out of the goodness of his heart. That is why Boo Radley is a Mockingbird

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