In top of that, The Buddha of Suburbia

In this sense, Hanif Kureishi ‘s novel ” The Buddha of Suburbia “is considered as one of great texts to shed the light on the experiences of the first and second generation immigrants who are in search of their identities . On the top of that, The Buddha of Suburbia focusing precisely on the protagonist, Karim Amir, British Indian teenager who struggles with his hybrid identity to find out who he really is.Furthermore, Kureishi casts the light on the living conditions of the immigrants in 1970s in a multicultural Britain. He attempts to illustrate inner conflicts that most characters suffer from to establish their identities .

Hence , the practices of racism and discrimination that they face during their lives .Moreover, the problem of immigrants in the The Buddha of Suburbia)1990) presents the writer’s experience in the society from which most of characters are taken .The objective of this study is to give a new definition for the concept of Britishness in post-colonial British Literature and explore the immigrant’s contribution in British identity construction.

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The aim behind conducting this research is to investigate how Kureishi portrays his main character, Karim, as a dangling man in the British society. It also aims to analyze the selected work by describing Karim’s journey to identify his identity and belonging.


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