In this context of discouragement and the loss of inner sight and hope in Christian faith, the exhortation of the Pope Francis, by name Evangelii Gaudium published in 24 November 2013 as the first of his exhortations comes to the aide of every Christian to regain spiritual energy and march ahead with the joy of the Gospel. The exhortation comes as the fruit of the synod, i.e., XIII Ordinary Assembly of Bishops Synod gathered from 7 – 28 October 2012, that discussed the title “The New Evangelisation for the Transformation of Faith”. Through this exhortation the Pope gives an encouragement by making a clarion call to all the faithful and the Church ensemble to live out the vocation of consecrated life. He also reminds every Christian of the call for evangelisation by the baptism and of the necessity of renewing oneself in order to be the consecrated persons for the cause of evangelisation. This exhortation addresses to the Bishops, the priests, the deacons, the consecrated persons (the religious) and the lay faithful.


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