In which offer unmatched opportunities for food

In this article the author explains digital technologies, which offer unmatched opportunities for food companies to engage with new people. The writer explores the emergence of food marketing using new media. The writer also monitors the extent and nature of food marketing through media channels. This is an essential first step in identifying the potential scope of young people’s exposure to these promotions, and for increasing the accountability of industry for responsible marketing and of governments for protecting children from the harmful effects of this marketing. The author discusses in the article some detail like marketing to young people, contextual analysis, impacts and the various setups of new media food selling tools. The author aims to explore the potential impact of new media food and marketing on young people’s diets. The writer also identifies current policy responses to limit children’s exposure to its promotions. The author conducted the study about the consumption of food, sugary drinks and snacks by the children and identified the disadvantageous impact of pop beverages. The source was published in 2015 and is clearly a fairly current and quality peer-reviewed journal as well. From this article the authors seem to be experts in the fields of marketing and strategy in digital media. The expert also provides various kinds of ideas and information in this article. From this research, attitudes and impacts of food preferences on digital technologies have been collected and analyzed, and the source appears authoritative as a result.


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