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In the USA, there is an election held every four years and their first official inaugural speeches will be given by the newly elected president. I will compare the used of rhetorical in the speech during the election campaign from Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump. The length of the two speeches is 1471 words long for Donald Trump in 2017, compared with 2404 words for Barack Obama’s inaugural speech in 2009. Barack Obama use more

Firstly, in the speech “Yes, we can” is one of the most influential speeches of Barach Obama, the 44th president of the United States.The mention of the political situation is also an essential component of Obama’s victory. The former president administration involved the Iraq battle war with other countries, this unpopular warfighting which the USA would not be able to escape itself from the war. In Afganistan, due to the military mission, it has cost a large amount of money to the taxpayers. Also, the great deep recession in the economy during that time makes the election debates worst and damaged the popularity of the Republicans.

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The speech uses lots of powerful rhetoric devices in his speech during the presidential campaign.Rhetorical devices are used to make a speaker’s arguments appealing and memorable, helping them achieve their intention of creating a connection with their audience and encouraging the audience to accept their arguments.(definition from the website). He normally uses these words in this speech where they are inclusive in the mother wit that all Americans are the addresses in the speech, even the ones not physically nowadays in the audiences.He often uses lots of personal pronouns such as “I”, “We” “Us” and “Our” to emphasize his membership from the Republic Party in front of America and to aid between him and the audience.

For example:

And to those nations like ours that enjoy relative plenty, we say we can no longer afford indifference to suffering outside our borders, nor can we consume the world’s resources without regard to effect, for the world has changed, and we must change with it. (I. quote from Obama’s speech)

In this quote, I explore the word the repetition of the word “we”. Obama’s use of pronoun can be understood in such a way that he reaches out to other developed countries such as Mexico, Cuba and etc. and makes them felt urges to follow America ‘s leading role in how they paid attention they respond to the world earthly concern and the future of the planet in the next century. The first few pronouns refer solely to Americans, however, the rest can be seen to encompass a larger team of people, all countries that are “enjoy(ing) relative plenty.” This creates a group-mentality of sorts between people from distinct nations. This might mean that those people are rich, they can able to enjoy the rest of their life however, they should think of the outside of the world, there are thousand millions of people suffering without basic sanitation or not even have a better a stable job to supply their standard of living to survive.

However, he seems to like to use the third person plural pronouns, “We”, “Us” and “Our” in the rest of the speech, the pronouns which play their significant role in creating sense of unity of the speaker with the audience.We, us and our(s) are employed 61, 20 and 65 times respectively and are, probably, the most often used words of the speech. He makes the connection between the American people because he thinks most of the problems can be solved when it’s with us which is the citizens of the United States.(A Linguistic Analysis of Obama’s Inaugural Address by Liilia Batluk pg.9)


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