In the scene above, Darius is sitting on

In the scene above, Darius is sitting on his throne, scepter in his hand, showing his power. Darius also happens to have a flower in hand.

This flower still has some of its buds. These flowers typically represent that you’re new, but you show great future in your days to come. Officers from many of his provinces are in the scene coming to pay tribute to him. One of the officials is holding a hand to his mouth, to show his respect. He has a spear in his hand, so he’s probably a commander. Another way you could tell he might be a commander, is the uniform he’s wearing.

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In front of him are intense burners, and behind him are two servants. One is holding a spear, and the other a bucket. There is most likely going to be more incense to burn in the bucket.

There is also someone dressed very similarly to Darius himself, standing behind Darius. This man is seemingly to be a prince, this prince happens to also be worshipping his king. You can see by this scene, that Darius has great power, you’re able to tell due to the way commanders, and royals respect him. Another thing you might notice in this scene is the way Darius is elevated, this shows how he has more power than others in his presence. This shows what I noticed about this image.


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