In the novel “The world without us” by

In the novel “The world without us” by Alan Weisman, Civilization of man is interpreted as violent to forests, trees, Greens and how nature is better of without the existence of mankind. With the journal “Man and Nature” supporting it positively by introducing the importance of forest to planet as creating basis for many natural ecosystem, creating a stable climate and stabilizing the ground to prevent erosion. As well as deforestation destroys climate and biological diversity because they are habitat for up to ninety percent of terrestrial species of animals and plants.
Alan Weisman “The World Without Us” imagines earth without the presence of mankind. Consternation about humanity’s environmental impact describes the theme. The extinction of humans and its mini creations is explained vividly. Why so?. Mankind has become Altruistic. Habitats (Forest) are violated, robbed making it deforest everyday, every minute and second for needs of man without plants and forestation considered. “Just days after humans extinct, floods in New York’s subways for instance would start eroding the city’s foundations, and how, as the world’s cities crumble, asphalt jungles give way to real ones”. Adam weisman draws the mind of his audience by citing beneficial information to support the rise of nature when humans are no more. Preservation of nature also means deforestation fully controlled. Weisman illustrates the fate of planet earth without creatures like us humans.
However, deforestation increases the greenhouse effect as it speeds global warming. It also causes land and soil erosion. Silting of lakes, rivers is caused by soil erosion as consequence of deforestation. The source claims that deforestation is hard to cease because complexity describes the practise of deforestation. The effect of environmental affairs prevail everyday and in particular deforestation is becoming a highly ranked topic. “If the current rate of deforestation continues, the world’s rain forests will vanish within 100 years-causing unknown effects on global climate and eliminating the majority of plant and animal species on the planet,” according to NASA’s Earth Observatory. From the smallest animal to the giant human race, the eagerness of people cutting down trees affects the environmental and even human factors. Weisman introduces variety of trees like Mahogany, rosewood and other timber for building purposes. These trees tends to be the biggest and the most cut down trees according to 2015 article studies on the end of forestry. Big business that deals with forestry gain big profits. The bigger the business, the more trees being cut down promoting deforestation. Forest and trees has many significant uses as well as minor uses for instance, species of hardwoods are imported by developed countries like the united states and other continent like Africa for minor uses, such as building coffins, etc. The reason being, building of coffins not only is insignificant way of using wood but the fact that many trees has been victims of coffins which are later buried underground or even worse, burned coffins. The average wooden coffins since the history of coffin burial is twice the age of all the countries in the world combined. It is as so, the world does not notice how quality woods are being wasted laying underground whiles it could be used for other significant purposes like building and construction, which would benefit the community and decrease the the cutting down of trees without even replacing them. Traditional countries best in tropical hardwoods exportation are now in short of woods because native forests and trees has been cut down and imported to other countries without replacement. “It is anticipated that The Philippines, Malaysia, The Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Thailand will all run out of rainforest hardwood for export within the next five years”.
Nevertheless, Simple population growth outcome in deforestation as humans expand settlements, and stresses on forests increase when expanding populations enter into regional conflicts that force even refugees into forested areas especially in many African countries. Deforestation is a huge and noticeable problem. Though there have been experts disagreements on how speedy occurring in deforestation and whether or not rates have minimized or maximized since 2005, there is a consensus that deforestation has reached an extreme level in some regions and nations. West Africa has lost almost all its coastal forests. South Asia’s rainforests as well as India’s are nearly all gone. Madagascar’s and Haiti faces the same fate. Central America has lost nearly half its forests. Conservation International’s 2011 assessment of global deforestation discovered tons of forests less than ten percent of their original size. “Even when prehistoric humans lived as small bands of hunters and gathered, there were deforested areas to hunt or to practice slash-and-burn agriculture, planting areas they had cleared and burned and moving on after the soil was spent.” Agriculture being invested about 10,000 years ago coincided with human settlements permanently. As civilizations expanded, more land were cleared for fields and forests were cut to meet demand for wood products such as fuel and building materials. This process has continued unabated since humans settlement and increased rapidly as populations exploded during the 20th century.
In the following Environmental research “Deforestation”, Deforestation causes local and brings about a lot of unexpected effects on the earth and results in many negative consequences as global warming decrease biodiversity of the ecosystem when plants and forests are disrupted. Forest ecosystem like trees, water, soil, plants, and animals all depend on each other. Cutting trees no longer perform their important functions such as holding the soil in place, protecting groundwater, providing food, shelter for plants and animals. Overcutting forests and the disruption of the forest ecosystem are causing erosion of soil, drops in water tables, loss of biodiversity as plant and animal species become extinct, loss of soil fertility and the silting up of many water bodies. When the process continues for a long time or over a large area there can be total environmental collapse. Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon, were once covered with healthy forests but now turned most of its land into deserts

Several things can be done to decrease deforestation. Recycling programs could be instituted to many communities in order to reduce the burden placed on forests. Alternative materials such as plastics in place of wood being used. In businesses, wood products could be used by companies that come only from certified renewable forests that are managed cautiously to ensure that they are cut in a sustainable way. Alternative methods of agriculture such as agroforestry and permaculture, aid diversification of crops and use of trees to lessen the stress placed on forests by large-scale agriculture. Harvesting of trees can also be accomplished without clear-cutting. A type of forest management termed new forestry (also ecological or natural forestry) focuses on the careful selection of trees for cutting to help maintain the complexity and biodiversity of the forest ecosystem while still providing wood for various uses. This procedure burn more Candles less and may not yield as much wood, but it is a sustainable path to using forest resources. This new forestry retains more of the native forest, which helps to preserve biodiversity, slow climate change and reduce land erosion.

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onsuming forests. “If the current rate of deforestation continues, the world’s rain forests will vanish within 100 years-causing unknown effects on global climate and eliminating the majority of plant and animal species on the planet,” according to NASA’s Earth Observatory. Deforestatio


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