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In the next upcoming year, Mwasalat is planning to launch new routes all over the country and try to expand to neighbors countries. Also, they are trying to build a modern transportation system and also do not harm the environment. In addition, Mwasalat is implementing smart ticketing program.

The company has covered the land route and the land-sea route but it has a lack to cover the air-route, so we suggested an air crossing way of transport which is SkyShip that will be in Salalah because Salalah location’s helps the company to attract some international customers (the tourist) that come to Salalah in the autumn beside the citizen.Transportation industry is still growing. Therefore, there are a lot of small companies which are specialized in transporting and shipping for example: Gulf transport company, Sohar shipping, and Al-Nowras transport and custom clearance. Those competitors do not affect the market share of Mwasalat a lot. Mwasalat offers high quality transportation to its customers and that happens through providing them with the luxuries buses which contains air conditioned and provided with cameras, informative screens, free Wi-Fi, USB charging port and provide place for the passenger’s bags and belongings. Furthermore, the company has an application that helps the customers to book a seat. Also, the company has many features that differentiate it from other competitors such as improving transport system by involving technology, building relationship with public and privet sector, providing special service to special need people, respect customer feedback, and encourage innovation.

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Market description: The public transportation market for Mwasalat has lot of service type for example: Some customers do not have any problem using any kind of transportation to get to their targeted place even if it was fast or slow, comfortable or not. On the other hand, there is other customers who prefers to use a highly secured and safety transportation which can deliver them in a short time and fast way. There are many customer’s expectations in term of transportation. For example, the nature of land scape in Oman creates difficulty for the customers to reach their destination, so, they want to get a creative way of transportation which offer safety. Secondly, other customers are seeking for a new type of transportations to use in their daily life. Also, the traffic jam is a serious problem in the capital city because it contains all the central offices for government and privet sector. Customer expects to get better solution for traffic jam from transportation companies.

Mwasalat respect customer feedback, so it will start its new project in Samhan Mountain based on the local customer needs in that area. Therefore, the new project will be branded as a SkyShip which will satisfy the local customers’ needs and the tourists who are expected to visit Salalah in the Autumn. Product Review:Mwasalat Company will create SkyShip with following features: 1. Having one or two carries with a track rope hangers and cabins.2.

Variety of forms of power sources.3. Different types of cabins ,VIP cabins 4. Comfortable seats with video screen5. By it the target consumers can see the beauty of landscape6. Colourful cabins 7. Capacity of cabins is between 3 to 5 passengers 8. Ticket price is suitable for all peoplesSegmeent needs and corresponding features /benefits of areial tramways Target Segment Customer Needs Corrosponding Features /Benefit• Citizen • Touriest in Autumn seson • New type of transportation • Seeking for less dangeres transportation way to reach mountines• different way to entertain • Faster transportation than car• different power sources • VIP cabins• colourful cabinsCompetitive Review:The industry of public transportation is very large including metros, subways, busses and others.

Oman’s industry is still at the first stage starting with buses. Therefore, Mwasalat is trying to provide the best buses services, but in any industry, there will be more than one company compete to provide the same service. For example, Gulf transportation consider as Mwasalat’s competitors. It provides transporting services between Salalah-Muscat and cargo services. Its buses are provided by safety and comfortable seats.

On the other side Mwasalat is a step ahead by providing free Wi-Fi and USB chargers. Also, Mwasalat is the first transportation company in Oman that provides land-sea routes for its customers’ (the Muscat-Shannah-Masirah route). All these features make Mwasalat the leading company in the public transportation industry in Oman.

Mwasalat Company will not have competitive companies for SkyShip because it is a unique creation in Gulf. The SkyShip Salalah is first project in the Middle East Region which gives more opportunities to succeed. Channels and Logistics:Regarding to the new project of Mwasalat Company, the location of the tramway will be in a place which will be more attracting and more helpful for the local citizen. Therefor after studying the options, the final decision was that it will take place in Dhofar region exactly in Samhan Mountain in Salalah. The tramway will link between the mountain peak (small villages) and the bottom (city). In addition, Mwasalat company will import SkyShip’s equipment from Germany. Furthermore, SkyShip’s equipment will freight by ship which will take 1 month.The process of selling tickets will be in stations where the SkyShip will take place.

Also, the tickets will be provided online to make it easier for customers.Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, And Threats Analysis: The table summarizes the SWOT analysis for MwasalatStrengthWeaknessHigh safety High level of Customer service Using International expertsNew product limited budgetSkyShip in one locationseasonal profitOpportunities ThreatsNo competitor for the productStrong relationship with partnersThe company image Number of customers in winterThe weatherThe acceptance of peopleThe strength:1-High safety: the company promise to follow the rules for safety by providing the control systems in all Cabins, seat belt in each seat and phone for calling in case happen any emergency during the trip.This will encourage the customer more to try the SkyShip.

2-High level of Customer service: We provide a highly trained staff that can control any situation and give the customer the best treatment. Also, one of the staff will join the passengers to make sure that everything is in the right order. Moreover, they protect the children if they are alone in a cabin.This feature will let the customer feel that they are in a safe hand3-Using International experts: The international experts coming from the International Federation specialize in the transportation. Their job is to make the best plan for the services which is provided by the company.

In addition, they check how everything is going to make reports about it. Also, they make sure that the proses of building the SkyShip is going in the right direction.This will make the customer more comfortable when using the SkyShip because they feel safe that the company is using international expert to build it.

4-New product: As SkyShip way is the first one in Gulf countries, it would be very attractive. As a result our product will bring a lot of customers from all Gulf countries. It will be high successful and profitable as well.

So, the company would be able to cover all its expenses and improve the project as the customers’ requirements.Weakness:Limited budget: Building such transportation will cost the company lot of many for example, the SkyShip cable cost ten to thirty million for each kilometer. It would be a challengeable for the company to build the SkyShip in distance of 2581 meters. For instance, it needs high number of workers which will be very costly for the company.The company could cooperate with other companies to have a high budget for the project. SkyShip in one location: The customers would complain about the location. For example, the people who are living outside Dhofar region, they cannot take the opportunity to experience the SkyShip because they have to take car or bus for more than two hours.

Mwasalat should think about building another tramway in the future. Also, this problem won’t affect the project because it is the first in the gulf.seasonal profit: We can say that the profit will be a seasonal limited to the autumn. The autumn season in Salalah is the most time where there will be more than 2 million visitors in the city so, the number of customers will be more therefore the company will gain more profit. The company have two choices in this case one is to build another tramway in Oman or the second option is to create a perfect marketing plan to attract the customers.Threats:1-Number of customers in winter: The number of customers during summer is high because of weather changing and the views in Salalah (autumn season), but during winter the number of customers will decrease.

Because of that the profit will decrease as well. Therefore, the company should advertise her product more in winter so the profit won’t be affected. 2-The weather: The weather in Oman is really hot and that will affect the progress of the project in the first stage of building it.The company should consider this when planning the working hours for their workers.3-The acceptance of people: Every culture all over the world not accepting any modern things immediately, they took time to analysis the new products and services and go well with it. So, as expected there will be little lose at the beginning of establishing it.

The company should give local people awareness of the benefits of the project so they can accept it much faster.Opportunities:1- No competitor for the product: The SkyShip would be the first in Oman. So, the customers will try the SkyShip which is in Salalah instead of traveling abroad as source of entertainment.2- Strong relationship with partners: because of the strong relationship between Mwasalat and its partners, they will support the company in the installation of SkyShip.

For example; partners can provide the required experts and the materials needs.3- The company image: the company image on customer’s minds would benefit the acceptance of product as anew addition in the company. The trust of people would distribute a good idea in between them. In order the company will sell more tickets Mwasalat will try to manage all these opportunities and use them together in a beneficial way that support the project and the company as well.Objectives and Issues: Objectives:First -year Objectives During the premier year on the market, Mwasalat aims to accomplish the most safety transportation comparing to other transportation.

The company wants to attract and make the target consumer delight. Also, the company aims to sell at least 14,000 tickets during the year.Second- year Objectives During the second year, our objective is to expand the project in different region in Oman. Issues: As you know, SkyShip is a unique creation in golf; some people will be Afraid to use it. Another issue is that the company will face a high cost to operate engine which powered by electric motors. To build SkyShip, its needs a long period of time, because of the difficulty to provide the equipment. Another issue that the product will face is to weather. Wind and thunderstorms can obstruct the work of SkyShip.

For example, thunderstorms affect the cables by fires. Marketing strategy:Skyship marketing strategy will include developing a “new type transportation method” its positioning based on helping citizen and developing tourism sector. The brand will establish its product in a place that could attract more customers. The targeted customers regarding the SkyShip are citizen and tourism in autumn season.

Position:Mwasalat company will develop a high expectation value for customer. This will differentiate the brand based on product features such as, automatic doors and first aid. In addition, the project depends on desirable advantages (chance to discover Oman natural and a way of transportation.

Marketing will focus on social causes such as child labor.Product strategy:SkyShip will be produced with all features which we described in product review section. As special features in our product, the company will give the customer a chance to record their trip. There are two types of recording.

One is personal recording and the second is whole cabin recording. And these features will be added in product line.Pricing:Mwasalat will try to use two pricing strategies to insure the satisfaction of the customer and the success of the project. The first strategy is customer value- based pricing where Mwasalat cares about what customer will expect about the price, therefore, we set a price of 15 OR of the ticket. The second strategy is cost-based pricing where Mwasalat will try to return the cost of producing, so it sets a price of 25 OR of the ticket. After studying the both strategy we set an average price of 20 OR to satisfy all the parts. Distribution strategy:The company will corporate with famous tourism agencies to distribute tickets by providing an experiment as one of their products or services.

As a result, Oman SkyShip will have a good reputation. In addition, there will be online website for selling tickets with attractive advertisements. This leads to expand tickets sells.Marketing communication strategy: Mwasalat company will not advertise its product in the traditional method. For example, it will not be broadcast or public service advertising. Promotional campaign for SkyShip will follow two ways: Convert advertising: most companies are rarely following this way.

Furthermore, SkyShip will take a place in some Arabic movies and TV serials. In addition, social media influencer will play an important role in advertising the new product. Event marketing: SkyShip’s samples and documentary film will deploy in different events such as universities events and exhibitions.Marketing Research:To keep touch with our customer, we will install touch screen that will contain a survey of our services. This feature will give Mwasalat the required information to respond to customer’s needsAction programs:SkyShip will be introduced in April. The action programs will aim to achieve its objectives during the following three months.

April: the company will provide a high training program for its staff which will improve the employee’s awareness. Moreover, Mwasalat will introduce its new product through social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.May: the campaign of introducing the new product will be placed on the company’s websites and social media network. Also, the company will promote the product in malls, main cities and other organizations. This will give people an idea about the product and encourage them to try it.

June: the opening ceremony of the skyship will start at the first day of June which will be attended by some ministers of the country.Budgets:Mwasalat Company aims to gain OR 13 Million. The average price is OR 20 per ticket for a total of 1,116,900 tickets sold.

The company anticipates breaking even during the final quarter of the fifth year. A breakeven analysis supposes that the selling price of the ticket will be 20 OR, the variable cost per ticket is 3 OR, and the first-year fixed cost is estimated to be 58,000,000. Based on these assumptions, the break-even calculation is: 58,000,000 20 OR per ticket – 3 OR (variable cost) Control:Mwasalat Company will use its strength to face its problems. For example, if the electricity switches off, there will be a backup generator to make the SkyShip work again. Additionally, if our Sells decrease, we will make a mix of charitable donation and event sponsorship


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