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In the modern world, the worldwide web is one of the by-products of the advancements in technology which has enhanced various fields such as research.

In this essay, this technological aspect is imperative since it enhances the critical analysis of two web pages in regards to the legalization of drugs. These web pages include web page one which dwells on why don’t we legalize drugs ( and web page two which focuses on Three Concepts You Need to Grasp if You Want to Know Whether to Legalize Drugs Yes, Even Heroin (

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Across the globe, legalization of drugs has remained to be one of the controversial subjects. Drugs such as heroin and marijuana have been highly contested in regards to undergoing legalization. With the help of the world wide web, this essay explores the two web pages in order to provide a coherent account about the whole subject of drug legalization. Web page One Usage of drugs is attributed with massive consequences which emanate from the whole aspect of legalization. Legal drugs are readily accessible to people most especially in the pharmacies.

In comparison with illegal drugs, legal drugs have been imputed with direct deaths which are triggered by the consumption of large amounts. Some of these drugs include benzodiazepines and opiates. For instance, in the human body system, opiates play a significant role in relieving severe pain most especially among cancer patients.

However, these drugs contribute greatly to direct deaths as compared to other illegal drugs. In the modern world, illegal drugs such as tobacco and alcohol has been legalized posing a high threat on people. The threat that is ascribed with illegal drugs is manifest on both the users as well as other people such as the relatives of the user. According to scientific studies, alcohol consumption in the United States contributes to 3.

3 million deaths annually (Vargic, et al., 2016). In 1920, the United States imposed a prohibition policy on the sale of all alcohol beverages which was attributed with failure. The policy’s aim was to help mitigate the prevalent cases of family violence, crime, corruption as well as boost hygiene and health. Illegal drugs are also ascribed with effects such as drug addiction. Drug addiction is considered to be weightier when compared to other aspects of life such as symptoms of mental illness and seeking of financial guidance (Vargic, et al.

, 2016). According to statistics, 63% of the individuals who use alcohol exhibit a tendency as well as an history in using other illegal drugs (Vargic, et al., 2016). Abuse of drugs is common among individuals who suffer from depression which is stimulated by neglection from the society.

Drug abuse is prevalent among the teenagers who perceive it as a rebellious way of evading the rules of the society. This has been enhanced through the technological advancements whereby individuals can be able to order drugs using the online platforms. Legalization of drugs can help decline the number of drug users. For instance, in Netherlands, the legalization of marijuana resulted to a decline in the number of smokers. The selling, possession and manufacture of illegal drugs should be legalized with regulations. First, prohibition does not limit individuals from accessing illegal drugs. This implies, prohibition augments the drug abuse rates since individuals with the drug problem cannot be discouraged in possessing the drugs. Second, the government will be able to regulate the origin and quality of the illegal drugs.

This will help the government to sensitize the general public on the effects associated with recreational drugs thus mitigating harm in the society. Third, legalization of the illegal drugs can help generate revenue. The government will be able to collect revenue which will foster development projects. Conversely, this money could be help fund criminal and terrorist groups which propagate harm in the society. Moreover, illegal drugs should be legalized since the already legalized drugs such as alcohol negatively affect the society (Vargic, et al.

, 2016). Critical evaluation of Web Page One This web page is created with an aim of sampling out the ideologies, views, opinions and beliefs of people in regards to the whole aspect of drug legalization. This web page is a question and answer website which seeks to share information on the reasons why illegal drugs should be legalized. Quora is a private website (.com) which provides easiness in terms of access if information.

The content of the website is valid and relevant since the information is attributed with illustrations such as graphs. The webpage also portrays good grammar since the users undertake editing of both the question and answers before presenting them to the public. The web page does not exhibit any biasness since it gives all individuals an opportunity to issue their opinions. This implies that the web page is open hence not inclined to any political or religious group in showcasing any ideologies. The web page was first was first publicized in 2013 with different authors responding to the question why should illegal drugs be legalized. The revision of the web-page was in 2016 when a different author responded with a different answer. The web page’s links are active since they are connected to information from different webpages. The web page comprises of a series of authors who offer different opinions.

These authors do not issue personal information thus posing an impossibility in case of seeking contact with them. As a website-only page, this web page seeks to address the general readers in regards to the legalization of drugs. The website provides gross account of the subject since every author emerges with different views which address the subject of drug legalization. In terms of data provision, this web page provides graphs which support the arguments and opinions of the different authors. Web page Two Over the years, the support for the legalization of illegal drugs has grown evenly.

This support has been triggered by the effects of the act on the both the users and the society as a whole. For instance, In Colorado state in America, the legalization of marijuana augmented the tax collections thus fostering the support of the legalization process. This support can be attributed with countries such as Switzerland which legalized heroin as well as Portugal. Legalization of drugs in these nations resulted to an increase in the standards of living as well as a decline in criminal activities. The legalization of drugs is attributed with three concepts which include the risk premium, why criminals commit crime and prohibition as a vast investment bank for crime (Hari, 2016). In the risk premium, legalization of drugs reduces the price of the prohibited drug thus increasing the number of users. In prohibition of drugs, dealers engage in other forms of criminality such as human trafficking and kidnapping. This implies that prohibition is not the viable solution since it will attract many criminal gangs.

Moreover, most criminals are engraved in criminal activities since they receive a large incentive. This huge incentive is triggered by the prohibition of the drug market (Hari, 2016). Therefore, legalization of drugs will drive out most of the criminal gangs from the drug business into other activities since their large incentives will be driven out. Critical evaluation of Web Page TwoThis web page was created with an aim of sharing information about the relationship of human beings with drugs. The web page is a news bureau (.com) which is owned by the Vice magazine in giving the readers news in regards to culture, arts and other news topics thus providing easiness in the access of information. The information in the web page is coherently organized through the use of numbering and highlighting of the sub-topics.

The web page also exhibits good grammar since the author is an experienced author. His experience emerges from the writing of other articles which have been published by the influence. In terms of biasness, the webpage is not inclined to any religious or political group. The writer openly expresses his ideologies citing information from other authors in regards to the subject of drug legalization. The web page was first published in 2016. Over the years, the web page has no undergone any modification. In terms of links, the web page does not exhibit any active links which are directly connected to information from other web pages. The author issues personal information such as a twitter account which can enhance communication in case of any inquiry.

The web page is a website-only page which regards the general readers as the main audience. In regards to addressing the subject of drug legalization, the web page vastly addresses the subject since it offers statistical data to support the arguments. A good research paper dwells on various aspects of a topic. In the two web pages, I would recommend web page one for the preparation of a speech in addressing the subject of drug legalization. This is because this web page exhibits an array of many authors. These authors provide varying opinions which are beneficial in conducting a research.

Conclusion This essay explores web page one and two in determining which web page is viable in preparation of a research paper or a speech. Legalization of drugs is one of the controversial subjects across the globe. Most individuals have enhanced support for this action citing reference from some of the nations which have undergone the act.

They regard legalization of drugs to be critical in a country’s economy since it enhances the standards of living and minimizes crime. The contentious question is whether each nation across the world should abolish the prohibition policies of drugs and legalize drugs. ?ReferencesHari, Johann. (2016) “Three Concepts You Need to Grasp if You Want to Know Whether to Legalize Drugs (Yes, Even Heroin).” Vice, www. Accessed 11 Nov. 2018. “Why Don’t We Legalize Drugs? If Cigarettes and Alcohol Can Be Made Legal, Why Not Drugs? – Quora.” Quora – A Place to Share Knowledge and Better Understand the World,

Accessed 11 Nov. 2018.Colorado State University, S. (n.

d.). Research Guides: How to Do Library Research: Home. Retrieved from


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