In not. Language not only expresses identities

In the modern world, more than 75 percent of the language is becoming extinct mainly due to the usage of main languages such as English and Spanish, due to this phenomenon getting jobs and privileges depended on whether the person speaks English or not. Language not only expresses identities but also constructs them. Starting from that point examines the interrelationships between language and identities. Words and language make meanings which vary in power. The powerful ones reproduce more powerful meanings, colonize and silence the least powerful languages and cultures. Language and culture death occur in extreme cases. Language is part of one’s identity. If you look into the identity factors, for example, hearing impaired or the fully deaf, they see their “special” ability to communicate through sign language as being part of their group identity. In multicultural societies where there are two or more spoken languages such as in Belgium, Canada (Quebec), New Zealand, and in Israel, (Arabic and Hebrew), as well as in countries of major immigration, for better and for worse, language is part of the group identity.
Dialects of proper Spanish and Mexican Spanish. People use each language to communicate, connect and affiliate with specific people according to their background. This


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