In informal assessment processes that teachers and students

In the middle of the academic year of 2017-18 school teachers and leaders participated in Formative Instructional Practices (FIP) modules. Formative instructional practices include formal and informal assessment processes that teachers and students use to gather evidence of student learning. The goal of FIP is that teachers develop the skills to guide students to be responsible for their own learning. The FIP strategies when appropriately used during the teaching and learning process, increase student achievement. FIP provides a blended, yet differentiated learning experience focusing on the four essential components of formative instructional practice:• Clear learning targets creation and usage.

• Accurate evidence of student achievement documentation and Collection• Analyzing evidence and providing effective feedback• Preparing students to be responsible for their learning through peer feedback, self-assessment, and more.A schedule for participation in the FIP modules was developed for the system with four modules set for completion in 2017-18 and the remaining set for 2018-19. In addition to FIP professional learning, data meetings have been scheduled and held quarterly K-12 to analyze results of Standaridized and Quarterly assessments. Forms are filed in the School Improvement folder.

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Teachers/leaders also generate reports from EMS and AdvancED resources for analysis and system wide results are charted, shared and reviewed. During the data meetings trends are analyzed, weak standards identified and remediation plans developed. Similarly, data meetings are held each nine weeks in grades 5-8 by non-academic teachers to review the results of Student Learning Objective (SLO) pre-post test growth and develop strategies to address any shortcomings.

Trends in growth are determined and an item analysis conducted to gauge reliability. Likewise, meetings are held in grades 9-12 at least quarterly to review results of common assessments and are held each term to analyze pre/post test results from Student Learning Objectives. The quarterly results are compiled and analyzed against the benchmark scores. Academic and system Curriculum leaders created a timeline and calendar for monitoring reports and holding professional learning sessions.


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