In the late sixteen hundred

In the late sixteen hundred, many disasters, deaths, and illnesses were blamed on witches. People who happened to be awkward or reclusive were often branded as witches because they did not fit into society. Lots of these cases were unjustified and many people were falsely accused of being involved in black magic. Two main witch hunts occurred over that period in New England: one between 1647 and 1663, and one in 1692, in Salem, Massachusetts. Around thirty-four people were hanged.
Puritans transmitted centuries of belief in witches as proof that everything that was considered malicious had to be committed by the devil’s disciples. Almost everyone feared witches. They were considered to cause illnesses, storms, and even harm people. People believed that witches were the root cause of any death, if a child was sick or any deformed birth was usually blamed on the witch. “The finger often pointed at an older, poor, and powerless woman” (DuBois 63). This shows that women with no power or poor were usually targeted by the society. “Witchcraft was a complex crime. Sometimes women associated with heresy were charged with being Satan’s servants” (DuBois 63).
After listening to this week’s lectures and reading TWE I learned that women were treated differently in different areas. I wasn’t surprised why 80 percent of the blamed victims were women. While reading Salem Witchcraft papers it made me sad because death is not always the answer to a problem and I’m pretty sure a lot of innocent lives were lost during this period.


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