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In the event of missing data can lead to a very serious case as it will no longer be accurate anymore for the figures of the product or medicine or even drug contents. It will also lead to discrepancies in the ingredient content section. The company should be totally honest with the amount of ingredient added rather than putting some random number just to fill it up and make it look like it is the real amount added. This could be due to some incorrect ingredient amounts added but the company wants to cover it up so the random number it added, or it could be some of data were not even added and just omitted out. It could lead a bad impression of the company as the consumers would not want to trust such company. Bad trials could lead to the drug or medicine not being able to be sold or even manufactured. If the trials are not accepted, it is probably due to some paper work or numbers was greatly affected therefore it cannot be approved. It also could be somewhere in the middle of the trials went wrong therefore leading it becoming a part of a bad trial. Bad regulators could be due to the environment being clean or in a dirty state including the machinery used to produce medicine or drugs. The environment is safe enough to produce drugs or medicines or it could cause hazards.


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