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In The Article entitled “Paris mulling inclusion of the eSports in 2024 Olympic program” the author Marissa Payne stated that France is considering the idea of including video gaming known as eSports to the Olympics in 2024.ESports attracted a lot of the young men recently that it started to become a mainstream and it was being broadcasted by a lot of sports networks, that attracted the Olympic officials and decided to try and take advantage of this sport after understanding the success it made throughout the years. Moreover, the author added that for eSports to be considered as an Olympic sport there is a huge road block that hindering it from becoming one and that is getting the endorsement of the international Olympic committee, it proved to be difficult because the president of the committee wasn’t too convinced that eSports is an actual sport as it doesn’t show much of the physical activity and it also must at least show any kind of intercontinental system and a board to run the system. The Author then concluded that the eSports community is attempting to resolve these issues by making a global association from a board consisting of the electronic sports league and some pro teams that volunteered. During this process the association hopes to gain recognition, so they can make a request to become an official Olympic sport and take time to communicate with new intrigued investors.


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