In women in Myanmar obtained higher levels of

In the 2014 gender inequality index, Myanmar ranks as 85th of 187 countries, According to the United Nations Population Fund. Although women in Myanmar obtained higher levels of education compared to men, they are still continually being excluded from leadership positions because of their gender. Traditional culture in Myanmar has a significant influence on attitudes towards women in leadership roles. Leadership in Myanmar is closely associated with “maleness,” while femininity is associated with modesty and politeness. Burmese women typically have much less confidence than men to contribute to public discussion because their opinions are typically given less weight. In Myanmar, “women and girls are socially obligated and expected to be in charge of the household, children, elderly relatives, and take on other caring responsibilities.

” ( For example, women have not been accepted into the Myanmar police force in any significant numbers and are only allowed entry into entirely feminized roles in the army: secretaries, nurses, and support staff ( According to the Myanmar Times, important progress has been made on women’s rights; an improved participation of women in labor force, better maternal health system and better social protection for women but the most urgent challenge facing women in Myanmar is achieving meaningful participation at all levels of decision making.

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