In wider scale and continuously assess your results.

In the 1990s a growing number of organisations were being encouraged to continuous improvement Continuous improvement in all aspects of working life, and some impressive results have been achieved. However, the process of implementing Continuous Improvement is long and challenging. Companies need to know what progress they have made, and the outcome of any interventions, in order to consolidate and further develop Continuous improvement.

Management is crucial to success of any organisation. An organisation is required to marshal and control a group of people guiding them towards optimal utilization of its resources. As it attempts to actualize its ultimate goals. Many companies today are engaging in continuous improvement processes. This is simply continuing attempt to reliable enhance and organisations profitability, efficiency and productivity by using a proven process called as followed-

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Plan- Identify an opportunity and plan for change
Do- implement change
Check- Use data to anaylze the results of the change to determine wither it made a difference
Act- If the change was successful, implement it on a wider scale and continuously assess your results.

Continious proven systems and processes are strategies designed to slowly shape a company or non profit organisation to the pont it enjoys heightened production for less effort and greater profit margin. Continuous improvement is known by a number of names such as, implementation & evaluation, strategy and measurements. Regardless of the title it is popular and respected meaning for improving organisational processes, services and products.

The ability to qualitatively and quantitatively document measurements of characteristics like achievements, retention, loss, communication, and so on is one that definitely sets an enterprise apart from its competition.

Being able to correctly pinpoint the ways in which a entity stands to benefit from change means providing investors, employees and consumers alike with the assurance the organisation is one that is more than able to adapt to change and what ever challenge the future may bring to it. Factors like loss reduction, client satisfaction and identification of wast and are analysed when determining goals for organisational change or improvement.
Continuous improve helps in all workplaces to help keep focus on improving the way we do things on a regualar basis, from saving time, stop wastage, the time it takes to do things and so forth.
Studies show that ongoing continuous processes are one of the most successful means by which organisations can achieve long term goals. CI is a constant effort to reduce wastage, reduce response time and to simplify the design of both products and processes and improve quality and customer service.


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