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In the “Jungle” by Upton Sinclair It starts off with a loving lithuanian couple celebrating their wedding. Shortly after the book rewinds back to a year ago in lithuania our main character Jurgis falls in love with an orphan named Ona. Jurgis has plans to get ahead and start a family shortly he learns of a friend that is making a good amount of money in the U.S. So Jurgis and his to be in-laws decide it would be best to move to chicago and try to make a living out there. So Jurgis, his dad Antanas, Ona, Ona’s stepmother,  Ona’s stepuncle, Ona’s step-cousin, and all her six sisters and brothers. Once they arrive they realize it’s uglier than expected and can’t find somewhere to live.Then eventually led to four out of the twelve people are working jobs the groups decide to put a house on down payment. They’re landlord tells them that if they miss even one payment they’re getting evicted. So the whole group decides to find jobs so they can have enough money to pay for there monthly rent. Winter comes and jurgis’s father Anatana is left dead with a lung problem. Marja ona’s sister job closes down due to the weather and Ona is going to have a baby and barely have enough money due to the fact that Anatana died and Marja isn’t working. So all this forces Ona to work while pregnant because they need money for a doctor and rent. Skip towards summer and Marja has a job trimming things seem to be going good for the family. That is until Jurgis gets injured and he’s recovering at home with no income and Jurgis has been the biggest earner for the family. And then a family member Jonas Ona’s step-uncle can’t stand the poverty so he decides to walk out making the rent to pay even harder. So now Ona’s mother and two of Ona’s younger siblings go to work as well. And Ona’s younger brother dies and now Ona’s Oldest sister has to stay home and care for Jurgis and Ona’s two kids. Jurgis starts to notice that ona is starting to change she starts once a night and stops coming home. Ona tells him it’s because she’s scared of walking home at night so she stays at a friends house overnight. Jurgis finds out that she has been raped and forced into prostitution by her boss at a local brothel. So Jurgis being controlled by rage goes and beats the boss and is charged with aggravated assault. He’s jailed for a month and Ona being sick can’t work at all causing the family to get evicted. When gets out of jail he finds his Ona and her family in a tenement. Ona is dying with their premature baby ever since she had her second baby she hasn’t been strong. So she ends up dying with the newborn baby and Jurgis can’t handle the pain so gets drunk. Jurgis promises to sober up and raise his children and finds a job but due to his luck his job shuts down and has to rely on begging for money. He ends up finding another job along with Manja. One day Jurgis comes back from work to find out his youngest child ran out and drowned in a puddle. Jurgis being Jurgis decides to walk out of chicago and be a hobo for the summer spending all his money on beer and prostitutes. He gave up on everything and decided to be a criminal with a buddy from jail mugging people on the street. After a while Jurgis decides this isn’t him and goes to a free political meeting and the speaker tells him he isn’t alone in his problems and they are being oppressed by bussiness men and their is no chance for change unless they band together. Jurgis is persuaded by these arguments and finds a job at a socialist business a hotel that promotes workers rights and starts to hang out with socialist members. He is still haunted by the fact he left his in laws after dragging them into this mess.


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