In American world which lead to unfortunate but

In Steinbeck’s 1937 Novella ‘Of Mice and Men,’ multiple sort of prejudice or segregation has been highlighted in the distorted American world which lead to unfortunate but inevitable conclusion of the novel. Steinbeck’s characters make irresponsible decisions, but their actions are merely a result of their isolation/loneliness, not inherent character flaws. The implementation of isolation within the lives of the characters allows Steinbeck to discuss the effect isolation has on an individual’s life. firstly, Steinbeck exhibits it clearly through characterisation of Curley’s wife who straggles to fit in the society due to the unacceptance of her biological characteristic by the society. Next, isolation is notably present in Lennie due to his mentally challenged state. Finally, Crooks have a profound sense of isolation due to his race. Isolation interacts differently with each character and Steinbeck is able to fully illustrate how isolation influences one’s attitude towards life. Steinbeck’s use of the theme loneliness shows that people need meaningful human interaction and that isolation can affect people of all types.


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