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In recent time’s installation of physical security systems are very importance in any houses, buildings, and commercial property. Escape from criminal activities we should design, developing our life to approach some methods to protect from physical security. Depending on the threats, attacks, situations, cases, opinions on the subject, level of security is divided into five categories. In this paper, I would like to explain and discuss each level of physical security.
Level of physical security
Levels of security system are divided into five categories, they are
1. Minimum security level
2. Low level security
3. Medium level security
4. High level security
5. Maximum security
1. Minimum security level
Following to security levels, minimum level security is the first level security in physical security system. This security level is design to project from unauthorized persons, products, and external activity. Physical barriers are used like checking points and to protect physical attacks. In this security level, we are using simple physical security barriers like simple locks, walls, windows, and doors. These barriers are to prevent intruders from reaching homes, offices, and public site.
Harris, (2013), explained that previous days computers, large frame computers are only used few peoples and were secured in the locked room. Using the minimum security locks or simple locks is used to install the doors. Walls and windows are to prevent from unauthorized persons and protected from security zone.
2. Low level security level
Low level security is the second level security in physical security system. Simple locks, walls, and doors are not fully protected. So we should take some supplementary methods to apply to minimum level security.
High security locks
Reinforced doors and windows
Alarm system
Security lighting

3. Medium level security
Security system would be upgrade from low level to medium level security. Based on the activities, medium level system can used to obstruct, detect and assess external, internal unauthorized activities in security systems. Installing high security barriers are used to increase the high security level. We should take some necessary actions in the medium level security system.
Remote alarm system:
Bennett and Wright (1983, 1984) indicated that using alarms and dogs we can find the burglars. So presence of alarms and latest remote alarm security systems are to send the message immediately if something happens to remote location.
Communication system
Basic communication system means using mobiles to send information to off site locations.
Perimeter design
Perimeter design is one of most important in the medium security level system. It’s used to prevent and detect intrusions across the perimeter. According to Cromwell, (1991), the extent of target hardening like locks, alarms, walls, bars, and fences. Security fencing, high security barriers, gate, and guard dogs are arranged to perimeter protection.
4. High level security
Need to set up a security surveillance (CCTV) and also need to maintain log book or a flap barrier near entrance of the organization or institution with this we can have a record of people who entered and exited with time stamp (This includes date and exact time), this will be useful for the future records, for investigation and inquiry, and also need a workforce armed security officers or unarmed security officers with good and advanced communication equipment so that the whole building or floor, every side security can be in contact, if something suspicious or in urgency they can communicate which helps in
Minimizing the risk: Not only using the high level security surveillance (CCTV), security room, big screens and electric flap barriers this equipment should also well maintained and should be check on monthly basis or at least for every 3 months, so that every event or incident can be covered and stored in the records (HDD’s).And also the security officers should take assistance from police department if they need, with this both internally ; externally they can control.

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5. Maximum level security
In this stage it includes all kinds of security it includes and considers every part of company security, mostly this kind of maximum security is used for museums, top IT companies, Government offices etc, security officers, hardware, software, network security, data security, infrastructure security like surveillance cameras, sensors, location control includes in this security level, authenticating every individual and intrusion detection which will be done starting at the building entry point, And the next level in this maximum security includes safeguarding and protecting assets from natural disturbances, political events, and protecting organizations assets against damage


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