In young. To join the fire service

In order to be accepted within a discourse community, an individual must learn typical ways of communication and interconnection between those within the community.

Within this paper, I will prove that I entered a discourse community of my wild-land Firefighting Crew by continuously acquiring knowledge, establishing my integrity, and learning the career that I love to serve. I grew up watching my family members serve our community through the fire service. You can ask my parents I always wanted to become a firefighter since I was young. To join the fire service where it is simple and yet still very difficult.I am still part of the Utah County Sheriffs Wild Land Fire Division. Individuals within the cities might have thought of us normal city firefighters but we were wild-land firefighters that grew to depend and love on one another within the brotherhood. From having to work really hard on terrible assignments to working the incredible suppression assignment, seeing a lot of fire activity, using tactical but safe methods, members share experience, knowledge, and responsibilities.

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