In like the Bureau of Customs, Bureau

In my own view towards the delivery of his speech, I was little bit dismay since we have heard in his mouth strongly – worded criticisms that hit other government officials and agencies like the Bureau of Customs, Bureau of Immigration and National Irrigation Administration which should not be because he was a respected individual in our society.

He showed to the people that he is not afraid throwing hurtful words in front of the public. There`s only one reason behind it, that is, to uplift him to the public and to cover his own anomalies by mentioning allegations to some other officials. Of course, it is very obvious that many government officials are accused of being corrupt officials which is true that`s why there`s no sense of saying it to the public. The act was just worsening the image of the Philippines and that cannot be a resolution to the deteriorating problems like poverty, corruption and anomalies. Instead of criticizing government officials, the President must focus on how to improve the country and make himself an effective leader to us Filipinos.

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