In works with ionizing radiation in healthcare

In medical imaging modalities that used ionizing radiation to diagnose the health of the patient. Awareness of radiation protection, radiation doses, and risk factors should be an essential tool of every medical imaging examination and it should be a responsibility to have knowledge about above factors of each and every person who works with ionizing radiation in healthcare sectors.
Nowadays most of the medical personnel are having inadequate knowledge of radiation protection, radiation dose levels and risk factors. So in that case, it is a much-needed requirement that we expected by them. In healthcare sector most of the patients undergo various imaging procedures for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, where the department of Radiology plays an important role. Furthermore, it is extremely important to consider the safety of both the patient and the medical professionals who are performing the radiological procedures.
Therefore, giving a proper awareness on radiation protection is essential to avoid the adverse reactions that can be result from unnecessary radiation exposures


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