In Kate Barlow, who was in love

In Louis Sachar’s Holes, the character Charles “Trout” Walker was a spoiled, rude, racist and ignorant heir to a rich landowner. He had a fancy for Kate Barlow, who was in love with the Negroe onion seller Sam.

Walker was not used to being refused. When Katherine rejected him for Sam, he planned an assault on Barlow’s school, setting fire to the building. After escaping, Barlow is insulted by the Sheriff, and Sam was killed, breaking her heart.

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However, it was unclear what had happened after. Walker married Linda Miller but soon lost all his fortune from the prolonged drought. Hence, they pinned their hopes on finding Barlow’s loot, even forcing their granddaughter, Warden Walker, to dig as well.

My aim is to add significance to Walker who otherwise plays an insignificant role in the novel. My purpose is to reveal his thoughts and feelings during the transaction from extravagance to poverty and the period of digging for the loot. My task will place a further emphasis on Trout, who is otherwise a secondary character.

I plan to devise a diary written by Trout, which includes his personal opinions on the major events that took place, which was previously unknown. This informal text-type is emotional, as the author Trout is candidly expressing his desperate emotions in his diary. The diction will be informal with a radical tone, revealing the mental framework of Trout.

The audience will be Trout Walker himself, as this is meant to be his personal diary.

Word Count: 249


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