In like rotten meat?” (Line 5), the reader

In his next line, “Does it stink like rotten meat?” (Line 5), the reader evolves the situation of having a decayed sore to now the smell of rotten meat. The perception of the processed of meat rotting, however, cannot be converted, as meat stays infected to be eaten by maggots and other insects. The relation the process of meat laying there decaying is a perfect example of how something as vital as meat, which is used to feed one and keep them nourished can just rot away and be of no use, just as one can get so exhausted of the dream that they have continuously put on hold that the frustrations and anger one would feel would actually start to reek, creating discomfort and annoyance within the individual, the notion of maintaining that dream is dried up of ALL of its essences much like meat that has rotten. To consume that is to consume risky threats to which the outcome isn’t favorable to one’s desires. He supports the evolution of the deferred dream by asking “Or crust and sugar— like a syrupy sweet?”(Lines 6-7). This produces the false perception that all is fine, almost as if this is the way it is meant to be. Additionally, this illustrates that the dream that could be so tasteful and so possibly fulfilling of one’s cravings, but throughout extensive periods, the dream has gotten stale and poor identical to that of a thick sweet syrup get molded into piecrust and sugar over time, a comparison of how sugary sweet stuff draw a difference to the anguish of delayed dreams. Finally, In his last stanzas, Maybe it just sags like a heavy load. Or does it explode? (Lines 8-10) The speaker presents the carried-on process of the dream being so postponed to the extent to which it’s may be too far-fetched to achieve which just converts it to a heavy load that makes one stride slower, takes one down and it becomes mental and emotional distress converts into a burden. A dream that was set for one to fulfill and to have that unaccomplishable due to the extent of postponing the achievement because of the burden it creates in one’s mind such as the “what if’s, I should have, if I just, etc”. Adding on to that, the explosion represents the action finally taken in regards to deferring a dream for such a long time that it’s a sign that the person(s) would get so frustrated that there was nothing left that they just burst and react to ignite advancement towards any others dreams they believe may also be deferred, thus reacting in such manner to prevent such outcome.


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