In terrorist organizations today might be the

In his Kaplan’s article on Fifth Wave and “Break Away” Terrorism, he is trying to shine her focus on some terrorist groups in different parts and in turn gives so many theories about the same and in my opinion, I believe the examples she employs do not fit in most of these theories.

In one of his discussions, Kaplan turned his whole attention and focus on one group in Darfur and I believe he hasn’t provided a well a proper analysis here. However, I strongly agree with Kaplan that the existence of many terrorist organizations today might be the children of less extreme organizations.

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According to Kaplan, many of these groups have a motivation from ideologies and I feel that he his right. Some of them are driven by those with believes that they are on a right course of doing God’s work. An example is a group called the army of God that has led to killing for over 30 years.
In my opinion, should Kaplan adjust a bit on his criteria and use more relevant examples, his theories are true and need to be accessed.

Kaplan, J. (2008) Terrorism fifth wave: A theory, a conundrum, and a dilemma.


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