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In her work “A New Way of Being British: Englishness and the ‘other’ question in Hanif Kureishi’s The Buddha of Suburbia” , Margarida Esteves Pereira debates the novel and says that all the characters in The Buddha of Suburbia contribute to display a wide-ranging picture of the British society. Karim Amir is called an auto diegetic narrative, a term advocated by Gérard Genette, as the story is presented through the point view of its protagonist , at the same time its narrator , who recounts his own experiences.(Margarida 5-6).

The Amir family as a whole seem that they have easily adapted to the country they live in, despite the ingrained Ethnic prejudice on the part of many of the white English people that are shown in the novel. (Margarida 5-6). On the other hand , the Anwar family seem to act as a counterpoint to the liberal Amir family, by acting out all the common stereotypes associated to the South-Asian Muslim families; as is mentioned by Susie Thomas, they seem to ?conform to the stereotype of authoritarian patriarch, the unhappy arranged marriage and the submissive woman?.Until now, this idea is clearly disrupted, for example, by the actions of Jamila, who, though having gone through her arranged marriage, she is very far from any idea of a controllable girl; indeed, her actions are instructive of a very radical disruption of submissiveness and tradition .In the table that follows you will find the most important characters in the novel:(Margarida 5-6 ).

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