In “What Leaders Really Do”, it has

In Harvard Business Review, on “What Leaders Really Do”, it has been published that, “The idea of getting people moving in the same direction appears to be an organizational problem. But what executives need to do is not organize people but align them.” There seem to be no issue in the staffing of both Ellen and Ronnie, but there is surely an issue with regards to aligning them.In Harvard Business Review, on “What Leaders Really Do”, it has also been published that, “Aligning is different. It is more of a communications challenge than a design problem. Aligning invariably involves talking to individuals than organizing. It empowers people in at least two ways. First when a clear sense of direction has been communicated throughout an organization, lower-level employees can initiate actions on their own.

Second because everyone is aiming at the same target, the probability is less that one person’s initiative will be stalled when it comes into conflict with someone else’s.” The first way is significant in case of Maxine as she will be able to understand that the new protocols are essential to every employee, thereby be able to interpret Ellen’s concerns accurately. The second way is vital in case of Ellen as her initiative on timesheets will not be hampered because of Ronnie’s client centric work as even Ronnie would understand the importance of timely submission of timesheets. I therefore believe that, Matthew, as the owner of the firm, needs to conduct a workshop on the importance of organizational goals in addition to individual work goals, and how every employee is directly associated with it. This will help Ronnie and other employees like Maxine incorporate the new protocols around timesheets in their schedules, thus serving Matthew’s purpose

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