In movements during the observation. She also attends

In general, Isabelle has a great gross motor skill, a helpful girl that has taken pride in doing her work. She has a great interest in stories and reading the book as it is part of her hobby.

She would have no problem in retelling stories that she is able to recall. As she is a sociable child, she is always enthusiastic in class discussions and able to blends in well for every group activity or social play.At her age, she has developed average cognitive developmental skills. She able to recognize numbers and letters very well and even knew the sounds of each letter. She understands math concepts and was able to apply them to the real world.Howard Gardner believes that people do not depend or operate on one intelligence but have numbers of intelligence which allow them to solve problems, create new things and discover new knowledge.

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Gardner’s theory proposed at least 8 intelligence specifically Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Musical, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Spacial-Visual, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal and Naturalist. Gardner believes that each intelligence has a unique biological basis and leads to a distinct course of development. Isabelle has demonstrated a lot of movements during the observation. She also attends ballet classes every Saturday which has likely to build up a portion of her gross motor skills.

She is believed to be Bodily-Kinesthetic. She would be able to use her body to control physical motion and solve problems.Albert Bandura (1977) developed the Social Learning Theory which encompassed the concepts of classical and operant conditioning. Bandura agreed that behaviours could be learned through conditioning but involves cognitive processes as well. The theory proposed that learning can occur through observation and imitation of the behaviours displayed by others.

Social Learning Theory is evidenced when Isabelle the teacher corrected her to sit down properly; this was reinforced by the teacher by reminding Isabelle. Behaviourism believes that learning leads to a change in behaviour. However, the social learning theory believes that an individual may learn new information but may not demonstrate new behaviours.However, there are also developmental areas that Isabelle needs to improve on. She needs to work on her short attention span and emotional skills as she is often wanting to be the first on in everything. She is unaware of her peers’ feelings from her actions.In conclusion, when Isabelle is able to enhance her strengths and work on her weaknesses, she would be able to improve on developmental skills.

She would improve on her balance and coordination, strength and endurance, attention and alertness, body awareness and movement planning for her gross motor skills.


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