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In Disney’s “The Lion King” we can see many similarities to Shakespeare famous play, “Hamlet”. How similar is it though? We can see that many characters in the lion king resembles characters from Hamlet, just in a more child friendly way. The plot of the story in the lion king is a plot based off hamlet in regards that they both start off with the Kings son that will be soon taking over the throne. Simba is the main character in The Lion King, the son of Mufasa who rules the lions. Simba is resembled as The Prince. Likewise, Hamlet is the Prince of Denmark and son of the dead King Hamlet making him a prince as well. Both princes are only sons and have no brothers or sisters. Another noticeable similarity is with the kings. King Mufasa and King Hamlet both die. Mufasa is killed by his brother who takes over the throne because he was next in line as Simba was too young to rule the throne. In Hamlet, the main character, Hamlet sees the ghost of King Hamlet, Hamlets father in which he claims to have been killed by soon to be known as King Claudius.

The characters in “The Lion King” are so closely related to those in “Hamlet” that each of them pretty much match up with each other. Starting with the main characters Simba and Hamlet the princes of the kings in both stories resemble each other. For example, Simba is the prince of the “Pride Lands” and wants to become the adult that his father is and follow in his footsteps. Simba also wants to have the freedom to do as he pleases but is still too young to be on his own. The same goes for Hamlet, however his uncle marries his mother and like Simba, his age prevents him from taking over the throne after his father dies. Hamlet’s father shows himself to Hamlet as a ghost in the beginning of the play. The ghost of King Hamlet tells his son that Claudius murdered him and married his wife to take over the throne. The ghost tells Hamlet to seek vengeance so he may rest in peace without the burden of him being murdered. Simba is also visited by his father’s ghost, or in this case his “spirit”. Simba’s father, Mufasa, appears in the stars and tells Simba to find his place in the circle of life and that Simba is supposed to be the true king. His father’s spirit shows up when Simba needs him.

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Other characters we see similarity in is Claudius and Scar. Both seek a personal gain and are both willing to murder those around to get it. In the beginning of the lion king Scar is very clear with his intention. Scar shows his jealousy toward King Mufasa and in some cases toward Simba as well. Later in the film Scar kills Mufasa by pushing him into a stampede. Claudius on the other hand murders his brother by pouring a poison into his ear while he is sleeping. Both of the brothers assume they own the throne after the real kings are killed. To ensure they both keep their spot as king they push everyone else away. Claudius sends Hamlet to England to be killed after Hamlet creates “rumors” by telling the kingdom how Claudius killed his father. Hamlet also end up killing a man thinking it was Claudius. Scar also makes it seem like it is Simba’s fault for his father’s death and to leave the pride lands and never return, in which Simba did. In the main part of movie Scar reveals he killed Mufasa. Both Simba and Hamlet end up murdering their fathers’ killers in a similar fashion as they were killed. Mufasa ends up throwing Scar off of a cliff and Hamlet ends up killing Claudius with poison as he did to King Hamlet.


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