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In this report, I will speak about the multinational companies. What are the meaning of multinational companies and the difficulties that faces this kind of companies? Also, I will mention the types of multinational companies. And how to solve this problem.

 In addition, I will speak about one of the most important companies in the world of Internet and search engines. I will speak about Google, it’s one of the biggest companies that create products and services that depend on the internet. Moreover, I will speak about Google in general, how the name Google come? a brief history of Google company, how the company gains money from it services and what is the most popular services provided by Google (Top 10 services) and the problems that face the company.  In this day’s international markets are almost unavoidable, many companies search for ways to expand to other countries, because of Asian labor and Chinese manufacturing, which is less expensive in the market, pushed the companies to search for invest in operations and expansions overseas.

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We can define the multinational company is the companies that operate it business in many different countries. In this days it’s not hard to form and establish multinational companies, but there come many complexities such as accounting, dealing with multinational corporations and planning for foreign currency exchange rates. every country has its own form of currency, which is affected by the market rates and the country political climate. So, every multinational company must look for all these factors that could affect their overall income when doing any type of business in the future.When the company starts their business, they want to extend their services to cover all the countries world. This has many advantages for the company, for example, low manufacturing process, raise the income and increase the number of the clients to cover all the global. In addition, the company will get more experience and intelligence workers. Moreover, they can use the advantages of the developing economies which provide many facilities such as the low cost.

In general, the multinational company has a head office in one country and several branches around the world. There are multiple types of the multinational company for instance:     Centralized: in this model, the company executive headquarters are in one country, while the other facilities in one or more countries. This model allows the company to take the advantage of being in other countries and build facilities there to reduce the costs of transferring the goods cross countries. Also, this model helps the company to build factories in developing economies, which provide a lower cost for production.Regional: involves the establishment of a headquarters in one country to control and advice (affiliates and subsidiaries), that report directly to the headquarters.Multinational: in this model, the basic company is in one country, that control other facilities around the world (subsidiaries function independently, with few basic ties with the main company).The company name (Google) is coming from the word googol which means in mathematics number followed by 100 zeroes.

In addition, the company head office name googolplex which refers to number follows by a googol of zeroes. Google, is a multinational corporation from (United States), its information technology corporation and internet service provider (it is running one of the largest search engines) in World Wide Web. There is more than one billion user use Google search engines (almost 90% of Google incomes from search services). Googolplex is the headquarters of Google company in California. In September 2015, Google is owned by new company (Alphabet), which control some of Google projects such as driverless cars.Brin and Larry Page launched Google for the first time in Stanford University in 1996 which known as Backrub. The web browser spread between the Universities and reach to165 of them in 1999. After that, they open the main office in California and it called Googleplex.

Google adds a feature in 2001 which help the client to know the helpful data known a rating system. The company income depends on the advertising. For instance, if any organization want to make an advertisement for their products, first they give money to Google to do advertising. After that, the system in Google will specify the best people that need these types of advertisement. In each click, Google will get money. Moreover, the web browser has a tool called Google Analytics which report the company when people click on the advertisement.        Most of Google products and services use the internet.

Google tries to create innovative products and services to make money. Also, it tries to improve Android (the most popular smartphone operating system.This is a list of the most popular products and services provided by Google: (Top 10)Google Search Engine, it’s the most used search engine around the world. More than 70% of market share in search engine services is taken by Google. So, when you try to search for anything on the internet you will go to Google. Google provides an easy way to search in millions of websites in few seconds. 


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