In all that said, sufficient attention should be

 In conclusion, Pure Gym with its nature and scope has animmense competitive urge in the niche within which it finds itself. Owing tothis fact, it is imperative the management capitalizes on its advantages withinthe given market space by employing sound and well thought through cooperatestrategies to enable it sustain its business position. With all that said,sufficient attention should be given to every aspect of the health and wellnessmarket to ascertain available other avenues of possible exploitation andeventual diversification of the operations of the company.

They could be said to be unfavourable situations arisingfrom external developments likely to endanger the operations and effectivenessof the organisation. Typically, competitors are an example of threats. Pure Gymthus needs to ensure better assessment of any threats and deal with them strategically(Mullins 2013).

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Threats These are favourable conditions mostly emanating from thenature of changes in the external environment. For the business to thrive, itmust be alert to the problems of business strategy and responsiveness. Pure Gymhas the opportunity to attract a larger market of individuals not engaged inany sporting activity for one reason or the other. Opportunities These are negative aspects or deficiencies in the presentcompetencies or resources of the organisation, or its image or reputation,which limit its effectiveness and which need to be corrected or need actiontaken to minimise their effect. Pure Gym is expected to identify any inherentweakness and prevent it from having any adverse effect on the organisation. Weaknesses These are the positive aspects or distinctive attributes orcompetencies which provide a significant market advantage or upon which theorganisation can build. By its market share, Pure Gym is capable of dictatingthe health and wellness market through acquisitions and innovations. Strengths Going further, another strategy worth employing is the SWOTanalysis.

Business growth requires maintaining market share and breaking morefrontiers. Owing to this fact several assessments is required of the marketwithin which the business thrives or may wish to operate (Olum,2004). In orderto evaluate the nature of the business environment and its strategiccapability, an organisation may undertake a SWOT analysis which focuses on theStrengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats facing the organisation.

TheSWOT analysis provides convenient headings under which to study an organisationin its environmental setting and may provide a basis for decision-making andproblem-solving (Mullins 2013) Firstly, adopting the Ansoff’s product-market matrix withits four strategies is one major strategic approach. The product-market matrixis a tool by which businesses adopt their product and market growth strategy.It holds that the growth of any business depends on whether it offers new orexisting products in new or existing markets.

Market leaders dominate themarket and have the advantage of price determination, to be innovative inproducts, services, distribution, communication, etc. (Kotler & Kettler2012) Thus, Pure Gym in its quest to maintain market share and its position asa market leader has the option to continue dominating by dictating prices,introducing more innovations with its service delivery and enhancedcommunication of its brand to its consumers. However, there is the need toremain cautious at all times. This is due to competitors? actions that has thepropensity of threatening their market position especially in a businessenvironment where massive international investment is a commonfeature(Dunning,2008). According to Sinister (2004) several strategies areavailable to fitness gyms and these may be divided, based on the spectrum ofthe resources they refer to. These may be: generic (overall) and specific formarketing mix elements. Corporate strategy therefore, is deemed a generic termlinking structure, management process including applications of organisationalbehaviour.

4. Innovative strategies for Pure Gym Arguably, this theory has had significant impact onmanagerial science with a better appreciation of organizations. This therefore suggeststhat the entity is changed when a part of it is removed from the whole. Thesystem may possess some inputs such as resources, processes, outputs and alsooutcomes. interactions and on the relationships between parts inorder to understand an entity’s coherence, and overall outcomes (Olum,2004). Considering the operational scope of Pure Gym, whichincludes on and off-site services to customers, the Systems theory, may bequite useful. A system, in effect, can be defined as an entity, which is acoherent whole which possesses a boundary around it that distinguishes betweeninternal and external elements and including identifying input and output inrelation to and emanating from the entity (Ng, Maull and Yip, 2009).

Thistheory, thus represents a theoretical assessment of a phenomenon seen as awhole and not necessarily the totality of fundamental parts. Much focus in thisregard is on the As part of modern management theories, are identified fourmain theories. These are Systems Approach, Situational or Contingency theory,Chaos theory, and Team Building theory. Koontz and Weihrich (1990) also hold a broader view whichperceives, management as the process of designing and maintaining anenvironment in which individuals are able to work together as a team therebyensuring efficient execution of selected tasks. The term Management has been severally defined. It mayinvolve the art, or science, of achieving set goals through people. Consideringthe fact that managers also undertake the act of supervising, the termmanagement may literally be interpreted as “looking over” – i.e.

, ensuring thatpeople do what is expected of them. Greater productivity is thus a majorconcern for management (Olum,2004). 3. Modern Management Approach Fig 1. Organisational structure of Pure Gym Pure Gym with its modernized outlook of board of directors,centre support staff etc. could be said to run on a bureaucratic structure.

Asalready stated, the bureaucratic structure bundles tasks into functionaldepartments with decision making resting on a centralized authority ensuring ahigh chain of command. A structure that creates dual lines of authority andcombines functional and product departmentalization (iii)Matrix Structure This is a system largely characterized by extensive routinetask stemming out of specialization with very formalized rules and regulations.It also involves tasks that are grouped into functional departments,centralized authority, narrow spans of control, and decision making thatfollows the chain of command. (ii)Bureaucracy This is a structure which possesses a low degree ofdepartmentalization.

There is wide span of control with authority centralizedin a single person coupled with less formalization. (i) The Simple Structure Several designs span out of the whole concept oforganisational structure. Below are a few; Organisational structure may be defined as the extent towhich tasks and responsibilities in the organization are segmented intoseparate jobs taken and completed by a specific individual (Robbins etal.

,2005) It also involves the means through which job tasks are divided,grouped, and coordinated in a formal approach. In terms of chain of command, itis the standardized line of authority that extends from the highest rank of theorganization to least ensuring clarity in reporting lines. The entire processof building the structure rests on six key elements. These may include Workspecialization, Departmentalization, Chain of command, Span of control,Centralization & decentralization. 2) Organisational structure As a modern fitness outfit, the company runs a 24-hourservice. Available in its gyms are modern equipment’s and tailor-made servicessuch as cardio equipment, fixed and free weights, and exercise classes.

However, there are no swimming pools probably stemming from its aim to be a nofrills fitness outfit. As part of their security and technological advancement,all operations of the organisation are monitored by real-time TV. This isdirectly linked to the security set up and emergency services.

After a while,Peter Roberts stepped down as the CEO with Humphrey Cobbold taking over fromand him. Cobbold, thus became the Executive Chairman and Adam Bellamycontinuing as the substantive CFO. In 2015, the company acquired all fitness gyms from UKfitness chain LA Fitness to the tune of about £80 million. This brought itstotal number of gyms to 141across the United Kingdom. Information gathered fromits website thus revealed that Pure Gym has a total of 172 gyms across theUnited Kingdom as at September, 2017.

The company is privately owned by CCMP Capital and otherinvestors. Just like any strategic investor, The Gym Group which happens to bea major competitor attempted to take over Pure Gym in 2014. However, thecompany rescinded its decision on the takeover upon being referred to theCompetition and Markets Authority. Pure GYM Limited was founded by Peter Roberts on 05 Sep2008 and is headquartered in Town Centre House, Merrion Centre, Leeds, UnitedKingdom. The company now has 2 directors however, the first director wasMargaret Anne Garnett.

Presently, the company has between 500 to 900 employeesand has 2 subsidiaries. Touted as Britain’s largest gym, the company boasts ofa membership of about 450,000 currently signed up with further plans to open300 gyms by 2020. 1.Profile of Pure Gym Limited According to (Suleman,2013) the success of everybusiness hinges primarily on successful employees. In effect, strong managersremain key components of business success. Thus, it’s imperative to give moreattention to managers of the organisation. The overall effectiveness of theorganisation transcends raking in profit.

Instead, it encompasses theeffectiveness of every aspect of the organisation including the internal andexternal environment. A company realizes outputs through a sound system ofmanagement. When these systems are right it ensures that the organization isworking consistently to facilitate cohesion in accomplishing the organization’sset goals(Mihalicz,2012). The organisation under study is Pure Gym Limited. Itis the market leader is the operation of wellness and fitness centre in theUnited Kingdom with 682 employees and 172 gyms across the United Kingdom.Founded in the year 2008, the company is present in Leeds, London andSouthampton.

In this study, issues to be discussed may include organisationalstructure, effective modern management approaches as well as smart strategicmanagement objectives as regards “Pure Gym”


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