in cooperation and working as a team

in carrying out an assignment that is anticipated to be achieved within time frame. As soon as trust is lost, insecurity sets in, motivation decreases, then members will deliberately back out then the leader is saddled with the responsibility to carry on with the task alone for the frustration that could hinder productivity and effectiveness ( Refrence Chapter 2).In conclusion, working with my study group has taught me the importance of cooperation and working as a team to accomplish any task easily. Conscious effort to respect and recognise people’s view points and opinions while on the other hand dealing with my personal values and beliefs about people from different background. Now, I have gained in depth knowledge of why it is necessary to share and accept responsibilities as a member of a group or team with active participation in decision making and the use of good communication.

Thus, my self-confidence is developed in exchanging ideas with people in a way to buttress my opinion. As a prospective international social worker, my leadership skills are shaped to function in any team or group work against associated challenges that may transpire, and the capacity identify professional cultures that exist in a team. According to my understanding of ( Refrence Chapter 2), to work confidently and effectively with different professional, it is important to understand personal identity as a future social worker. However, the experiences in the feedback from members of my group and personal observation, I have discovered my dysfunctional way of relating to members of my group and perpetual misrepresentation.

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I have learnt to appreciate differences in people, adapt and adjust with conscious effort when interacting with members. Hence, if I find myself in a similar situation in the future, I will make frantic effort to accept ideas of other people acknowledging the fact that the differences among people shapes their ideas, perspectives and methods in carrying out tasks.


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