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In Beowulf there were alot of similar and different things and events that are very noticeable between both book and movie.In the book of Beowulf there was no queen mentioned but according to the movie there was a queen and she was Hrothgar’s wife. The queen did not love king Hrothgar and was forced to be his wife. After Beowulf defeated Grendel Hrothgar gave the queen to Beowulf. King Hrothgar also gave Beowulf his kingdom and the golden dragon cup. King Hrothgar killed himself right after by jumping from a window ledge.

Beowulf then became king and the queen became his wife and she soon fell in love with Beowulf.According to the book the dragon killed Beowulf. Wiglaf helped Beowulf kill the dragon because Beowulf could not defeat the dragon alone.

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The dragon injured Beowulf before it was defeated by piercing Beowulf in the neck with his claws. Before Beowulf died he sent wiglaf off to get the treasure and he also gave him his kingdom. Beowulf was buried along with the treasure.

According to the movie the dragon did not kill Beowulf, Beowulf killed the dragon. Beowulf battled the dragon alone from the caves all the way to Hrothgar (the kingdom). Beowulf killed the dragon by slicing his neck open and pulling the dragons heart out. Beowulf had to cut his own arm in order to be able to reach the dragons heart. After that Beowulf fell out of the air onto the shore of the beach.

Beowulf then handed his kingdom to wiglaf and Beowulf died from blood loss. Beowulf’s body was put onto a boat along with some treasure, set ablaze and set to sail away.According to the textbook of Beowulf Grendel was the only child of the evil she wolf. She was called a she wolf and describe as a giant beast. Also in the book Grendel’s father was never mentioned. Beowulf had defeated Grendel and chopped off his head and also defeated his mother.

According to the movie Grendel’s mother was known to have two children Grendel and the the movie Grendel’s mother was not a giant she wolf she looked mostly human except for her skin color which was gold. Grendel’s mother had seduced Hrothgar and had Grendel who is king Hrothgar’s son. After Grendel’s mother took Hrothgar as a victim he was cursed and he needed the curse to be lifted so he could be free.

Then Beowulf came along and defeated Grendel but he ended up becoming the second victim of Grendel’s mother. Grendel’s mother seduced Beowulf and had the dragon boy who was Beowulf’s son. When Beowulf returned to the kingdom he lied and said that he killed Grendel’s mother when he had not.


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