In the nation their inventions build the nation’s

In answering to define education, professor Nashik, Maharashtra said:”Education is the action of imparting knowledge through instructions or study”.Education has a lot of benefits.First, it increases individual confidence.

Education changes the way of thinking of individuals.Consequently, it helps to discipline our life to go ahead and get successful experiences.Also, it makes us aware of everything.Second, education is an important factor to improve personal skills.

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Think positive expand our vision to achieve in academic life, for example.Third, getting a good job requires hard working people. More than you study more you get the opportunity to have a good job.For example, you will get a high salary, as result.Fourth, since educated people are the big investment, to build the nation their inventions build the nation’s economy.In addition, there are different types of education.The first type of education is informal education which people learn from their experience.For instance, the person who read books and educational information on a website.The next type of education is formal education which people follow a specific plan to study, such as specific timetable and set curriculum.In my opinion, a lot of people are not educated, if you have the chance to study, try to study hard because it is our weapon at this time.


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