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In “Against School” author John Gatto informs us on how public education is failing us. Gatto says that schools are trying to make students more childish and less independent. Gatto also says the school system that we have in America is a copy of the system in Prussia. He later talks about six terrible functions that the school does to students. He states that there is good news, now that we know what’s going on we can stop it from happening to our children. He says that we need to change the way schools teach our children and how to better improve your child’s education.

Gatto opens his article up by saying that boredom is everywhere including school. Gatto says that the students think school is boring is because their work is stupid and the teachers don’t know that much about their own subjects. The teachers say that it’s the students fault for being bored; however Gatto says that it’s all of our faults that we are bored. Gatto goes on saying that we should get rid of the old way of schooling. Gatto then says that schools purpose is to make kids stay kids longer. Then Gatto asks if we even need school.

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Gatto then brings up Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, and Lincoln on how they were successful and didn’t get an education. Next Gatto discusses the three goals for schooling americans are “to make good people, to make good citizens, and to make each person his or her personal best .” (Gatto) Gatto then says that schools aim to make students childish. Then he says that we got our system from the prussians. After that Gatto goes on to talk about Inglis six basic functions of schooling.

The first step is to have kids have fixed reactions when (Gatto) . The second step is to make kids more alike. The third step is to determine what the child’s social role will be. The fourth step train the students for their social role.

The fifth step is to tag the unfit kids (Gatto). The sixth step is to teach some kids how to keep the cycle going. He then says that there are two types of people that if convinced will buy something and that is children and addicts. He then continues by saying that school has done an extraordinary job of turning children into addicts and keeping children to remain a child. Gatto then says that maturity is gone so now everything has become easier for society. How can we improve education for our kids? Finally Gatto answers this by saying to “teach your own to be leaders and adventurers.”(Gatto) Also to think Critically and make your kids independent. He also goes on by saying to make your kids take more real subjects in school.

He then says that we need to wake up because our schools are like laboratories performing experimentation on students. Also that the purpose of school is to turn students into servants. He then finishes by saying that the easiest to improve education is to let kids manage themselves.


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