In having AKI by electronic screening, of

In addition, the current study findings, revealed that patients may present late with AKI stage 3 to hospital or large referral health care centers, which suggest more severe AKI at admission, greater need for dialysis and an increased risk of death. Tragically, patients continue to die in large numbers in developing countries as a result of this disorder due to the significant delay in seeking health care and an inability of patients to get to and pay for it. According to the nationwide multicenter survey on AKI conducted by Yang et al., (2015) (124) in China, Of 2,223,230 patients admitted to the 44 hospitals screened in 2013, 154?950 (7%) were suspected of having AKI by electronic screening, of whom 26?086 patients (from 374?286 total admissions) were reviewed with medical records to confirm the diagnosis of AKI.

The detection rate of AKI was 0.99% (3687 of 374,286) by KDIGO criteria, from which they estimated that 1.4 – 2.9 million people with AKI were admitted to hospital in China in 2013.

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