In the marketing mix that the Professional Academy

In a research study, explaining, predicting, and understanding phenomena to challenge and extend existing knowledge within the limits of critical bounding assumptions are formulated by theories. The theoretical framework will be the structure that will support the theory of the study. As describe by Abend G. and Swason R.

(2008), while formulating a study, the problem and issues will be clearly seen then it will explain why the research problem under study exists. According to the marketing mix that the Professional Academy (ND) stated, marketing is a continually evolving discipline which you can’t rest yourself in one box or you’ll be left very much behind the completion because of the fast evolving and spreading range in advertising. Once there were 4 Ps to explain the mix but nowadays which is the Product, Place, Price and Promotion, nowadays hereby accepted it to be commonly used as 7 Ps for it is much develop and accurate in explain the deeper layer of the Marketing Mix. In additional to the 4 Ps, theorist had led to the creation of the Extended Marketing Mix which they added 3 new elements to the 4 Ps principle. This now allowed the extended Marketing Mix to include products that are service and not just physical things.

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Dominating the service marketing now by the 7 Ps of marketing namely Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process and Physical evidence. The Product is the core and the starting point in developing a marketing strategy, the thing that will fulfill the needs and consumed by the consumers. The attributes offered by competing products and substitutes, are important in estimating the competitive scenario for the marketing strategy formulation. The packaging design which allow the consumers to create the 1st impression regards to visual criticism plays a big role specially when it comes to advertising, the design of the package should immediately catch the attention of the consumer, quality should take responsibility when it comes to the class and standards of the Product, Perceived usefulness, convenience of use, quality, brand utility, accessories and warranties are the things that should be considered to create a useful product which the consumer is expecting to get. Often answer the question ‘where?’ the Place offers a different side of value (utility) to the customer. Being one of the original 4Ps, the location of the service chosen by the utility is the one whom choose where the customers should be targeted. The closer to the customer means higher probability of purchase. Place utility is important to evaluate especially when it comes to strategy.

It also include the accessibility in the internet ‘where’ you can find the sites and information about the product. Other one is the Price because has a lot of impact on the service buyer’s satisfaction level. Often, paying a higher price makes a customer more satisfied, a higher price is equivalent to a higher quality of the product. It is often considered a proxy for quality and vice-versa. When the services being all the more intangible. After service awareness and service acknowledgement, the price becomes an important factor for the actual service consumption to happen. The last element that completes the 4Ps play the role in the perception to the possible target audience who will be reach by your service.

Talking about Promotion, it leads to the service or brand recognition and further establishes a proxy to evaluate quality of services based by potential customers. Internet advertisement, special events, endorsements which happen outside or inside the merchandise/service place are used as a promotional tool like customizing boxes , plastic dump and digital signage which include the name or logo of your brand. On the other hand, Kar (2010) cited that the Services marketing is that elusive concept which stays incomplete without a thorough understanding of 7 Ps. In additional in the 4Ps being the core and the next 3Ps as the extended marketing mix. The People are the crucial in service delivery.

The people answers the question ‘who?’ pertaining to who will be your target market and who will be your human resources. Kar (2010) stated that Intensive training for your human resources on how to handle customers and how to deal with contingencies, is crucial for your success in the business. The Process are important to deliver a service that leads to quality. Process mapping ensures that your service is perceived as being dependable by your target segment.

Services being intangible, processes become more crucial when it comes to ensuring the standards. Lastly, the one that affect the customer’s satisfaction regarding the direct delivery or serving of product for the customers will immediately judge relying on how they will be serve. It is the evaluation of the consumers for their experience through proxies. This is where the Physical Evidence plays a part.

The AIDA model (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action) sequence focus on the individual and collective responses targeting the consumers. The purpose of Advertising is to immediately gain a favorable reaction from potential buyers.


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