In parent communication) and telephone calls being

In a daily basis that I have to engage with my team and other colleagues frequently for various reason to exchange the ideas as I’m working as a coordinator. My settings already have well established communication system which works effectively. In my range of work I need to speak to the Head departments, teachers, teaching assistant, cleaners, security officer, parents and visitors daily.

Each and every personality has to get different commands, information so I have to adopt very clear and effective methods to communicate with them. One of the most useful communication methods in my setting is one to one communication method and that is also preferable by my team members as well. Apart from that weekly, monthly meetings, WhatsApp group messages intercom, email, Class Dojo (for parent communication) and telephone calls being use when something comes urgent. There are various reasons that line up daily to which I have to communication with the team and rest of the staff. Such as • The new messages/points/updates comes from the Head department or higher authorities • Parents complaints/comments or suggestions• Any unexpected circumstance arise in the setting• To provide advice and support to the team/othersEvaluate effectiveness of existing communicationMethod of communication Positive NegativeFace to face This is the most effective communication in my setting. Can quickly covey the message and get the feedback or reply on the spot.

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Preferable many staff members who does not like to raise their voice during the meeting. It will be difficult to explain or pass the message individual due to time limits. Team meetings Effective and have written record of the meetings as we take the minutes. Professional and organized. Can explain various points in the same time.

Need to fix the time which appropriate for everyone. Time consumes. Some may not like to share their ideas during the meetings which may lead to lose good opinions. Email Fast, accurate and can receive a message as a print. Ideal to convey explanations and procedures to the team.

Need the access to the internet to receive the message. Telephone Fast and can get in touch with the person immediately. If not can leave the message later to view. If it is not in the range of cover area difficult to get the call. Both parties need to have mobile/telephone to contact.

Above mentioned communication methods are most effectively using in my settings in order to communicate with the team. Depend on the situation we are using several methods at the same time. As an example in case of emergency we will call the parents immediately to pass the message, send the SMS and WhatsApp messages which they can view and update the message in the Class Dojo to review or to get the feedback later.


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