In the network. The mechanism that makes the

In a blockchain network, all nodes keep track of all transactions hence it is called as a decentralized public ledger. Using hash functions and cryptography, each node in the network are highly secured. All nodes in the network are validated a new block to add it to the network. The mechanism that makes the blockchain to be a decentralized security is called mining. There are different uses for blockchain. 1.

5 million people in the world have no formal id.This makes almost invisible to society and suspectible to human trafficking. Microsoft working on using it to create an identity system which is more secure.

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Using blockchain can track where diamonds come from. This could prevent the diamonds from conflicting zones entering the market. It can also used for shaking up the music industry. It allows artists to sell direct to fans and share the revenue between creators. Registering land using blockchain could help stampout fraud. Blockchain technology is one of the most discussed technology today.


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