In age of 11 – 16 attend for

In 2010 the government introduced academies in aim to help deprived schools in struggling areas a better educational system for children. An academy is a school that is run by the government and not by local authorities. The beneficial side to academies is that head teachers get more freedom when deciding school term times, the length of school hours, teachers pay rolls ad more freedom when dealing with curriculum.Academies are mainly secondary schools which allows children at the age of 11 – 16 attend for education.

There are more then 3,408 secondary schools in England alone and over 2,075 of them are academies. While primary school numbers are significantly smaller over 21% of primary schools in England are academies and over 1,000 more primary schools are in the waiting line of becoming academies. Academy schools are known as to be involved in a group called A multi-academy trust (MAT). MAT is a group of schools that cooperate with each other to improve and maintain educational standards in schools across the UK.

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MAT is beneficial in more then one way. Schools are able to share advice and guidance. They can share information on what works for them as teachers and how to provide the best education for their students. MAT also give support in other areas of academies such as finance and admin fees.


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