In 1976, AmBank Group Berhad started their business and located in Kuala Lumpur and now AmBank is one of the largest banking group in Malaysia. The group was listed in Bursa Malaysia since 1988 and become sixth largest banking group in Malaysia. AmBank core businesses are retail and wholesale banking, investment banking, Islamic banking, Real estate investment trust and insurance services. After few decades of growing, AmBank have 175 branches and 884 ATMs nationwide. The group operates under few brands including Ambank, AmBank Islamic, AmInvestment Bank AmMetlife.
A weak banking system could lead to major disaster for any financial system. This has became much more apparent during the financial crisis. During the 2008 subprime crisis, there are many example of the banking failure in the worldwide. Most of the common reason are that banks taken too much risk in order to get a higher return. Therefore, a proper evaluation on the risks which faced by the banks is needed. This chapter introduces the risk, types of risk faced by the banks and other factor that will have impact on the bank’s profitability. Problem statement, objectives, research questions, significance of the study and chapter layout will be included in this chapter as well.


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