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In 1897, Durkheim wrote a book about four separate types of suicide: Anomic, Altruistic, Egoistic, and Fatalistic. He believed that suicide is caused by social factors that include: military, economical, religious and marital, he thought that all of these factors had a part in a person’s final decision to commit suicide. These were advanced findings back in the 1800s, but the times have changed.

In Chris H. Canton’s letter “Chickens and eggs: letter across the Pacific” that was published in Crisis:The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention, Cantor believed we needed to “revisit” Durkheim’s theory. Cantor discusses how research in the past couple of decades have put more relevant issues when it comes to suicide, for example, hopelessness and impulsivity. He also mentions how there has been little progress on understanding what the psychological roots of suicide are.

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When the author wrote this letter, it was towards the end of the Gulf War and he believed that there will be more violence to our problem solving response, he described it as “runaway horse” that is not driven by logic, but by emotions. In his letter, Cantor believed that nations that were more against war, that their suicide rates would decrease for a short period of time. The main point of his letter was that there are some greater social issues than suicide, especially war. In conclusion to his letter, Cantor tells his hatred of war and how it is an awful problem solving response, also he hopes one day that someone will study the suicide rates and the impact of war.


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