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In 1788 six shiploads of convicts arrived at Port Jackson in Australia. 570 men and 160 women stepped ashore while the native Aborigine people shouted ‘Warra! Warra!’ at them. For your information, “warra” means “go away”. The Aborigines thought the British were bad news.
The Richmond River massacres begun in 1842 with the Pelican Creek tragedy where five European men murdered. Mr. T.J. Olive of Woodburn reminisces:

Squatters and Sawyers had set up a storehouse at Pelican Creek where sailing vessels left supplies and picked up loads of red cedar. Soon after the storehouse was established provisions were left with five men and one boy who were to guard the supplies before they were redistributed to other areas. One morning at dawn the Aboriginals crept up and massacred the men. Only the boy who escaped into the bush was left to tell the tale. Later when teamsters arrived at the storehouse, they were shocked to find the horribly mutilated bodies of the five men and that all the goods had been stolen or totally destroyed.

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Word soon spread to other Europeans who became frightened. They formed a mounted posse and had a simple plan to take revenge with their muskets and pistols. They mustered all the men who could be spared and when the avenging party got together it numbered eleven. They advanced the theory that the foul deed was the work of the coastal tribe.


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