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Impacts of climate change on Pakistan:Climate change is an inflexible and contemporary danger with harmful effects on the survival and living examples of humankind. Pakistan positions seventh among the most antagonistically influenced nations by environmental change on the Worldwide Atmosphere Hazard List 2017.i Pakistan had experienced 141 outrageous climate occasions like twisters, storms, surges, Icy Lake Upheaval Surges (GLOFs) and heatwaves, and so forth.ii Pakistan itself contributes almost no to the general outflows of the ozone depleting substances, yet it stays a standout amongst the most extremely hit nations of the world by the procedure of a dangerous atmospheric devotion. Pakistan has been affected by global warming in the form of floods, glacier’s melting, drought conditions etc.iiiThe floods cause deaths, injuries, spreads diseases, destruction of homes, destruction of crops and many devastating effects on environment.iii When the crops get damage and livestock also get affected it will have negative effect on food security and will cause problems like malnutrition specially in expecting women.

Climate change is also causing problems of water shortage. Smog is one of the main ill effect of climate change that is causing respiratory and eye diseases. Heat waves in Karachi due to too much high temperature is causing deaths of thousands of people.

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Malaria and dengue are spreading vastly due to unexpected rainfalls as they are more sensitive to rain.iv Due to massive rise in the temperature due to climate change, the sea level of Karachi has been rose up to 10 centimetres’ Some critical impacts of climate change also include, displacement of people due to clear cutting of land and deforestation. Land sliding in the North of Pakistan has break the communication. Hydropower generation is also get reduced due to siltation in water reservoirs due to soil erosion and mud sliding. Agricultural land has also been lost due to flooding and deforestation. The greenhouse gases and the human activities causing a havoc of climate change that in return affecting the health and environment badly. viPakistan, has been disabled by the procedure of an unnatural weather change, as the outright surges and dry spells keep on wrecking the nation’s economy. More than 10 million individuals have been uprooted during the most recent two years, the horticultural land lies desolate and money related misfortunes have been evaluated at $2 billion.

iii David Eckstein, one of the principle creators of the examination said that over the past numerous years, Pakistan has been a standout amongst the most influenced nations helpless against environmental change. He suggested that, Pakistan should consider diminishing its emissions, which can decrease the danger of extraordinary climate occasions in its nation. Emissions lessening is a duty of created nations as well as of immature and creating ones, as it’s in their own advantages, and it offers a great deal of co-benefits as well. ii Results and discussions:Role of Information and Communication Technology in Climate Change is important and use of ICT and ICT based application is getting more attention across the world.

Producing and developed nations looking for more occasions in sending ICT and ICT based application in environmental change checking, relief and adjustment. There are different ICT based techniques like Geographical Information System (GIS), Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), Mobile Technology (MT), Web based applications , Satellite Technology, Remote Sensing (RS) that are used for reducing and identifying impacts of climate change.vii Energy sector and Co2 Reductions:In Pakistan co2 is emitting from energy sector, industrial sector, burning processes and so on. and this emission is the leading cause of global warming.

This is a major GHG. More plantation of trees contributes towards removal of this gas from atmosphere. Canadian company General Fusion purposes to be the first in the world to make a commercially feasible nuclear-fusion-energy power plant.

Combination produces zero ozone depleting substance discharges, emanating just helium as fumes. It additionally requires less land than other sustainable advancements,” says the organization. “Combination vitality is naturally sheltered, with zero probability of an emergency and no extensive waste, and there is sufficient combination fuel to control the planet for a huge number of years” x(GUI) that is Green urban infrastructure subsidises to climate change extenuation as it removes CO2 directly from the air via photosynthesis process during the day and releases CO2 at night. Green urban infrastructure plays a vital role in climate change mitigation by reducing air and external temperature by providing shielding and promoting evapotranspiration, this leads to two benefits. It reduces energy use and better thermal ease. The thermal ease and compact energy benefits by physical pointers like ambient temperature, stormy fluxes and energy investments. Studies of parks in Singapore disclosed that the temperature at outdoor of the park’s boundary slowly increases after moving further away from the green area.

The cooling effect of parks is also imitated in the inferior temperatures in the nearby built environment.viii Integrating mitigation and adaptation into climate change:Mitigation and adaptation means to slow down and produce new ways to protect people from harmful impacts of climate change respectively. The current mitigation measures in energy sector, transport, infrastructure, forestry, waste management are all discussed above. Participating mitigation and adaptation into climate change concerns is not a completely new idea in the African Sahel. The nearby populations in this area, through their indigenous learning frameworks, have created and actualized broad alleviation and adjustment procedures that have empowered them diminish their weakness to past atmosphere inconstancy and change, which surpass those anticipated by models of future environmental change.ix In comparison to this, in Canada, the company Beyond Meat, already maintained by Bill Gates, has fashioned the world’s first meat burger that is entirely vegetable based.

It’s made mostly from vegetable protein that is found in peas. They have started this because about a quarter of all global releases come from feeding the world’s 7 billion people, and part of that comes from the feasting of flesh. They are also working in transport sector. They say they have revealed new materials influence a substitute to battery power and confirmed to be between 1,000-10,000 times more influential than the prevailing battery alternative, a supercapacitor. The latest technology is thought to have the latent for electric cars to travel to comparable distances as petrol cars without the necessity to stop for lengthy renewing breaks of between 6 and 8 hours, and in its place recharge fully in the time it takes to fill a regular car with petrol


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