Imagine these little children are out of

Imagine this, you are relaxing on the couch, on your weekend and browsing through your TV, not getting anything better to watch you put on toddlers and tiaras on tlc and, think, how beautiful these little children are and, how cute they look in these colourful,bright outfits and flaunting their smiles. However, a thought that never occurs to you is why these little children are out of school and not enjoying on a weekend, with their family and stressing about a beauty pageant.Why has the society started to judge children on their beauty? Do really children deserve this, when they even don’t know the meaning of being beautiful?

Beauty pageant have degraded women and specially children into mere objects.

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Take Britains Got Talent for an example, contests like these, want to bring out the talent people have. However, to showcase beauty, this is where pageants have really taken control.Take a plate of food for instance, we have many meals a day. We look at the plate of food and the first thing that depends on how it would taste is, how it looks, even if it really tastes bad but looks good we try it.. We judged, we judge and we will judge. Has there been not a day in your life that you have not judged is impossible, it is human nature.

Now I would like to highlight about beauty pageants that have been going on for more than 300 years and showing these beautiful, glamorous and stunning women. Well you might think how can some simple shows and tv series which show these beautiful little children dressed in cute outfits, ramp-walking, blowing kisses and looking all prim and proper might affect others or even you,well have you ever thought what goes in making them this?

This industry has created the ‘perfect’ girl/women or even person for the society, which everyone looks up to,more for the physical looks, and we the audience start judging ourselves subconsciously. Amongst all of you present here hasn’t said ,after watching some contests’ I want to be like her, she looks stunning, I wish I could be her. etc etc, rather than being encouraged to be what you really are. To what I have found out there are more than 1 million beauty pageants going on and more than 3040500 girls participate in it. Personally, i think beauty pageants for children are more harmful than those for women. However, they both seem to be on the same page. They are artificial and clearly taking away the childhood of these innocent children.The message that they give is ”not be you but try to be someone else, try to fit it, looks matter the most in the society, being fat would get you nowhere”. How can we let it happen? How can we little children have their characters be defined on how they look?

Let’s take Toddlers and Tiaras for instance, through which many children and have lost their childhood, and are being sexuallised, yes, sexuallised. The time that they have for studying, making new friends, playing with toys and not have to think about anything but enjoy. Sadly they don’t, they miss school and studying, learning new things for beauty pageants. Wearing big wigs,uncomfortable dresses, heaps of foundation and concealer,tons of hairspray, fake eyelashes, lots of makeup, would never be able to describe how pretty these children are in real life. In addition to it,Beauty pageants have made children more and more self conscious about themselves where they should be enjoying their childhood, they diet, starve, don’t eat till they faint and the most horrible one, to keep their bodies in shape, they throw up after they eat.However, 80% of the girls in the US between the age of 10-12 have been dieting.
If you ask me I would love to go back to my childhood and enjoy the time I did not have stress about projects, homeworks, assignments, nothing.

Nonetheless, it’s not only about temporary makeup, but permanent makeup as well, and beauty treatments which are extremely painful for even women, like tanning and whitening and straightening of the teeth and also waxing are done to young beauty pageants girls. In this growing state of girls, they are required to meet these criterias which include that have to be fit in the same way all the girls are, to be called beautiful , which is called ‘natural’ by the beauty pageant industry.

However, the torture does not seem to end here, they also have to travel a lot for these pageants which gives them very less time to sleep. One of the worst things any mom has done on the stage of ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ is giving her daughter a juice known as ‘Go-Go juice’ which she had made by adding mountain dew with red bull. When asked the mother about the act, she stated that, ‘it could have worse, and I could have been giving her alcohol’,Which could have been causing her neurological problems which did not seem to concern her. However, another participants mother seem to be on the same page as the other mother. She gave her daughter a fake cigarette and told her to ”fake smoke” because she was acting a pub-dancer from James Bond. How can we argue with the children when the mother’s are like these. However, women are becoming more educated about what’s good about their bodies and how they can really show what they really are.

How can we let little children like these be a victim of these beauty pageant which are unnecessary and cruel and does no good? I believe that every person is beautiful in their own ways, because beauty can’t be seen or even touched, it can only be felt. So before you turn on the TV on you weekend and tune into watching Toddlers and Tiaras, you would might want to watch something else.


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