Imagine government to free up an astonishing amount

Imagine working full time, but you can’t still make enough to support your family.

That’s what millions of Americans across the nation, who work on minimum wage, feel. We should raise minimum wage because it would reduce government welfare spending and reduce poverty rates.    According to Fletcher, raising minimum wage “would reduce federal food stamp spending by $4.6 billion a year” (1). This increase in wage allows the government to free up an astonishing amount of funds that they can end up spending on our military, education, sciences and so much more. We would be able to advance our developments in things such as space exploration or the development of cures for diseases.

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It could end up going to education which in return leads to more students getting degrees which leads to better jobs and even less spending on food stamps. It becomes a cycle to where the more people the government can help, the more the government helps themselves.    Additionally raising the minimum wage reduces poverty rates in America.

According to Konczal, raising it “would reduce the number of people living in poverty by 4.6 million” (1). Not only would it reduce poverty, but also it would give people the incentive to find a job. I believe that a lot of people who are unemployed and are in poverty is because the see that minimum wage is so low that it’s not even worth working. Consequently they end up resorting to doing or selling drugs, joining gangs, or other dangerous means to get some money. On the other hand, if the government were to raise minimum wage, it would give them the motive to go find a job knowing that they won’t go back to living in poverty. Some might say that raising minimum wage would cause many people across nation to be laid off.

However, it would actually create about 85,000 new jobs. In addition studies have been done comparing 1 state with a higher minimum wage to one thats lower and it shows that there was job reduction.     My solution to this issue is that all states must raise their minimum wage to $9.

00, which many other politicians believe in as well. This would work because it does solve all the issues I’ve talked about and even more while keeping it not as controversial as raising it to $10.10, which I have no objection to, but many do. I do believe if this plan were to go through then America has a bright future and maybe someday we could possibly it raise it to $15.



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