Imagine and what it causes is terrible. You

Imagine your friend asks you if you want a cigarette,  and you take it. All the chemicals go into your lungs and  it burns terribly , and just one cigarette can still be super harmful.

You probably will regret it because of all the  things in it,  and what it causes is terrible. You should never start smoking . All the mind blowing things are crazy like what it causes , whats in it , and  your safety. All the tar in your body could kill you,  and you will now know  why as soon as you read this.

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Because Smoking is so bad for you , what it causes is unbelievable. A cancer research website states that one cigarette has 7,000 chemicals in the smoke. That’s why anyone around should close their nose and mouth  because of the harms it has.  Also breathing in a cigarette daily can give you lung cancer or heart disease from the chemicals and tar. This proves that all the 7,000 chemicals come together and make one cigarette. It’s mind blowing how one cigarette has 7,000 deadly dangerous chemicals in it . To add on , if you smoke 10 cigarette a day for a year (365 days ) the tar in your lungs is like a big jar of honey . Thats a huge amount of tar going into your body every year .

As so I say , smoking  can cause terrible things . Not only can smoking  cause lung cancer and much  more , but in it is tons of tons of nasty chemicals and poisons. And here are just some of them. One of the weirdest and harmful one is ammonia (  cleanser ) is in a cigarette. Ammonia has hydrogen formed with it , also many deadly  cleaning chemicals the can kill you if you have it on your  skin or mouth . Next , everyone knows that nicotine is in a cigarette.

But did you know that nicotine is an addictive  drug  . According to a health article , ” Nicotine is just like cocaine , because most of the chemicals are the same and the addiction is very similar .” To add on , 4,000 of the chemicals are deadly and cancer caused,  thats why so many people have cancer because of smoking . I bet you don’t want ammonia lerky in your body. Another reason why kids / teenagers should never  start smoking is  because you can never be safe around it .

When you smoke , you probably never realized this  but ,  when you inhale the smoke it goes up to your brain and can affect it a little or a lot . This means that all the thousands of chemicals go up into your brain and effect it . Some people get affected more because you could get light headed if you inhale too much at a time . Wow ! Also second hand smoke is just as bad as you smoking. Second hand smoke is when you are right by someone who is smoking. Even when you just inhale the smoke it’s just as dangerous has lighting it yourself .

The more you inhale the smoke the weeker your lungs are . So when someone around is smoking close your nose and mouth. I  mentioned  that smoking can give you heart disease just in one day. Nearly  60 % died or are very ill from heart disease .

That’s what happens when you get to addicted to smoking . The safety around a cigarette is outrageous . Some critics may say that smoking in a car with the window down isn’t bad , but it depends on if the window has a crack or if it is all the way open . Still  , either way is bad for you, people driving  near you , and kids in the car .

This proves that you could get a ticket for smoking with KIDS in the car . Yet it’s bad enough you smoke , smoking with kids around is super dangerous. Don’t smoke in a car ever .

To wrap up , kids / teenagers should never start smoking . It causes many different things ,  What is in it is totally crazy , and how your safety is at a big risk. I bet you would never wanna have lung cancer , black lungs , and other people not wanting to come near you . I wouldn’t ! Don’t start smoking


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